Psalm 8

psalm-8Psalm 8 is another confirmation of the place of mankind in the earth.  We broke connection.  We messed it up.  But Jesus, the 2nd Adam, reconnected us all with the original plan.  Activation simply depends upon each one’s individual choice to accept or reject God’s gift of purpose.

The Position

The Psalmist first states mankind’s position, represented by Adam, in the creation story.  Out of Himself, God created the reality we call earth.  It was designed as mankind’s home to enjoy.  He then declares that man’s position is a little lower than Elohim.  That is a pluralized Hebrew word that can mean God, angels, or heavenly beings depending on the context where the word is used.

The Purpose

You have made them a little lower than [God/Angels/Heavenly Beings]
    and crowned them with glory and honor.
You made them rulers over the works of your hands;
    you put everything under their feet:

Mankind was created from earth’s elements which is inferior to the realm of heaven.  And yet, at the same time, God breathed Heaven’s Spirit into them as a coronation so that they could fully represent Him in the natural realm of existence.

This coronation gave them power and authority over every natural thing that God had created.

The term “under their feet” is a term of victory in battle.  The assumption therefore is that natural creation will have to be subdued.  Not in the ways of the flesh or the wisdom that comes from the tree of the knowledge of natural good and bad, but by the Wisdom of Heaven that comes from the mouth of God.

There Is An Example To Follow

It’s not simply a matter of titles, rights, and powers.  But, instead an active task to intentionally fulfill.  Mankind committed high treason and broke their God connection.  But Jesus fulfilled, establish, and exampled it once again.

Jesus went about doing good which included lifting the oppression and mending the brokenness that came as fruit of the high treason.

Jesus, in clear communication with the Father, ruled with the Wisdom He received directly from what He saw and heard daily in the Father’s counsel.

Original Plan and Purpose Restored

The original plan and purpose can be summed up simply with  the sentence, “Love God with everything that makes you, you.  And, love those around you with the way that you crave to be loved.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Nothing.  Love has nothing to do with it if it’s meaning has been equivocated to a self gratifying definition.  But, the love that is God is very active.  And, it is self-giving.

The core issue is this:  The most frustrating thing a man or woman will ever encounter is the kind of love that God is, without the  beyond natural power to do anything to change the brokenness and oppression in our neighbors.

God’s original plan:  To give man a home of His own that he would enjoy and develop with His authority and wisdom.