Purpose Driven by Gary Ellis

Jesus had a purpose.  He had THE purpose driven life.  No question about it. 

That purpose is directly linked to your destiny.  Both in the ages to come, and in the here and now.  And, it’s forever focused on you.

In a word, that purpose is for you to have [own, experience, walk in, walk with, and walk out] the kind and quality of life that is beyond the ability to measure, put in a test tube, or within the boundaries of limitation.

How could that change your day, month, year, or life if it’s really true?

Here’s the thing.  It is really true.  Really as in really, really!


I used to think of abundant life as my life’s circumstances and conditions.  But, I came to discover that it’s better than that.  Much, much better!

Since the real meaning of the Greek words that Jesus spoke for abundant life means life that’s beyond the ability to measure, that life has to be HIM IN YOU.  Not simply your life’s circumstances or conditions.  And here’s how that’s better…

You have received the gift of being able to face life as Jesus faced it.  With the same wisdom, power, faith….you name it.  That’s true because He is in you…one with you.  You and He are One.  That opens up infinite possibilities!

The devil may have come to make a mess out of your life.  But that’s just a side note.  The real story is what Jesus came to do IN YOU.

Keep looking down on your circumstances. You’re seated [at rest] with Jesus in heaven’s realms.  You’re two places (literally) at the same time.  You come at life FROM victory…not feverishly trying to obtain it.







Jesus of Nazareth, my Lord and my Hero was purpose driven.  His purpose was very simple and straight forward.  “I have come [with this purpose] that you might have immeasurable life.” (John 10:10).


  • Kaybreena90

    Yeeeeeah!…….Pastor Gary, love that “FROM victory.”

  • Gary

    Yep.  To think of it as praying or standing FOR victory, it indicates that we don’t believe in our hearts that it’s already been won.