Quotable Truth – Bill Johnson

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“If you live cautiously, your friends will call you wise. You just won’t move many mountains. “ -Bill Johnson

My wife, Karen, and I recently saw the movie, “Secretariat.”  (What a great movie!).  There are so many illustrations of faith to be seen in the actions on the screen.  I was thinking while walking to our car, “So much of the time we make our “faith decisions” based on what is more accurately called calculated risk than it would be a true Biblical response of faith.  In other words, while we determine to “take a risk” we also decide if the move we are about to make still has an acceptable “recovery plan.”

As Bill Johnson says, “We live cautiously…”

We like to think it’s wisdom, but it’s really something else.  And that something else has put us in places where we won’t get hurt.  We won’t loose much – if any – reputation.  But, this calculated caution will keep us from experiencing, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth (my earth) as it is in heaven.”

You and I are going to “make mistakes.”  Welcome to planet earth and the human frame.  But, as a man named Elbert Willis used to say (referring to Peter walking on the water), “I’d rather be a wet water walker, than a dry boat sitter!”

Your Kingdom, Lord!  Your Kingdom!

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  • Steve Baker

    This is the best mini-teaching I have read in a long time.
    It is right on that we really do need to walk by faith and
    not by sight. My question to those who live causiously by
    faith is this, do you believe God or don’t you? Did He say
    He would meet that need or didn’t He? What are you going
    to loose that you don’t have yet anyway? Get out of the
    boat and let Jesus do what He said He would do.
    Stop letting God be your co-pilot and let Him drive.