Rehearsing His Reputation

reputationWhat do you do when things are not happening or resolving the way you’ve hoped, desired or prayed for?  That’s what I want to touch on today”

In Psalm 103:1, King David speaks to himself with these words, “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.”

If you know David’s story at all, you know that he experienced more than his share of turmoil and turbulence throughout his days.  His innermost declarations were the reflections of experiential reality with his God. 

In that one verse we find one of the most important and powerful keys to our own ability to weather the abundant storms of life.

Let’s take a deeper look at what King David was singing to His soul:

[I say “singing to his soul” because that’s what the Psalms were and are…Inspired Songs]

  1. Bless = To speak well of or give praise.  David commanded his thoughts, emotions, and will to speak well of the Lord.  In fact, twice in the first sentence of the first stanza.
  2. All that is within me.  He “doubles down” by expanding his command to go beyond his soul parts to everything that makes up the “who of him.”  When i pray this, I also name anything physical and emotional that is ill at ease.
  3. Name = Reputation and Character.  It played a much bigger role in Hebrew culture, but we, in the West, also elude to someone with a positive reputation and character with phrases like, “He/she can be trusted.  He/she has a good name.”
  4. Holy with the name indicates that God’s name (reputation and character) are totally and uniquely above reproach.

Our God has a reputation.  It goes beyond saying that He is mighty and all powerful.  He has a reputation of character that He will never leave you or forsake you. 

You probably say, “Yes!  Amen!” to that as a statement of fact.  But, let’s probe a little deeper into your soul with a question.  If you believe that He will never leave or forsake you, why do you question that He might let you “slip under the water and drown” as He stands right there and watches?

God’s reputation and character (His Name) is that He is a deliverer and restorer.  Talk to yourself about that.  Rehearse the stories of His delivering and restoring reputation from the Scriptures.  Remember and rehearse your personal history that demonstrates His reputation and character. 

One more tasty tidbit:

The word, remember, doesn’t simply mean to call back to mind information about an event.  It literally has the flavor of “act again on my behalf in that same way.”  When men and women of God called upon Him to remember them, it’s not like God had to be reminded that they exist.  It’s a call to “do it now as it was done then.”

Rehearse His reputation.  It will change your day!

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