Sandy Hook Elementary And Me

The nation is in a time of mourning. We are praying for the tragic events in CT. It is right and just that we should do so. However, the emotion will wear off for most of us, other than those most deeply affected. Much like 911. This deep tragedy will be replaced in the news cycle within the next few weeks. I BELIEVE THERE ARE PRACTICAL RESPONSE (RATHER THAN REACTION) decisions that can be made by you and I right now that will keep us going in a direction that we have the individual power to go. One suggestion is that each of us “prayer adopt” the school closest to our homes. If you wish you may want to download this image, choose your school, write it on the card, and place it on your refrigerator or some other obvious reminder space. Let’s do more than react. Let’s respond with one of the most powerful weapons we possess. Effectual fervent prayer.