Saying Anything To God – by Gary Ellis

Several years back, I told God that He could go to hell if He didn’t do what I was asking Him to do.  I didn’t.  See the results, that is.  He didn’t…go to hell, that is.  And…contrary to what I deserved…I didn’t end up banished to hell because of my wayward mouth.

I know of a lady whose daughter used to scream at her, during occasional fits of anger, “I hate you, I hate you!”  The mom’s response was always,

“I know.”  Then added,

“You’ll get over it.”

I believe God is the Father of fathers.  The Parent of parents.  He is, at the very least, as wise and understanding as any human parent.

After I uttered those ill fated words to God, “You can go to hell,” a friend of mine said to me, “I think there’s something God wants you to know.”  I was sure that was true and I was equally sure God was angry with me.  Instead I heard my friend say, “I believe God wants me to tell you that He hears the cry of your heart and not the frustration on your lips.”

Although I’m not condoning disrespect and crass communication with God, I do want to encourage you to come boldly to the Throne of Grace with your heart in your hands speaking how you’re feeling in times of disappointment and confusion.  God…Your Heavenly Father…can handle it.

He wants you to say anything to Him.  He wants you to stop pretending and play acting your faith.  He wants you to openly talk through your frustrations and disappointments.
Like Jacob, He desires that you would wrestle with the angel…till He wins…like He did with Jacob.

Your prayers need to be filled with faith and respect.  However, the path to that place often starts with startling transparency.  God knows, anyway.




  • Futurehopevm

    Several of my daughters went through the “I HATE YOU!” stage too. I simply answered back to them. I know you do, but I LOVE you.
    This post is really good, because so many people avoid talking to God, thinking He will be angry and condemn them if they just really tell Him how they feel.  David in the Bible did, Job did.  It is in our candidness with our Father, that we truly find the One who could have condemned us justly for simply being who and what we are, but instead, reached down and said “I forgive you.”