Secret of Satisfaction

How do I recapture the satisfaction of my childhood?  That’s a question that many adults, today, at least “feel” even if they don’t vocalize those words.  Satisfaction is attainable.  Here’s one of the secrets:

The “Beach of Satisfaction” is made up of multitudinous grains of little decisions.  <is multitudinous a real word?>
Anyway…”satisfactions” that come from big events and big decisions are by-in-large short lived.

The satisfaction that’s long lasting is the build up of lots and lots and lots <did I mention, lots?> of the little positive, healthy decisions.  Choices that -in themselves- are hardly noticeable.

I do a great number of wedding ceremonies, and one of the common phrases of advise that I put forth to the couple standing in front of me is, “It’s the little things that are the big things.”   Little things like SAYING, “I Love You! on a frequent basis.  Little things like touching without smothering.  The human touch conveys (like magic) what’s in the heart.

I remember one time walking down the isle of the dairy section at Hy Vee and mentioning offhandedly to my wife that the chocolate milk look good.  A couple of days later I opened the refrigerator door to get something.  There it was.  Sitting on the top shelf.  A half gallon of chocolate milk.  That was a “little thing” that made a HUGE impact on me.  I felt deeply cared for by Karen.

Conversely, it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine.  Little negative choices also build upon themselves.  Unfortunately, the little fleshy or neglectful decisions don’t amount to a beach of satisfaction but an ever increasing barrier and weight of regret.

Remember:  The most important things you will do today are the several tinsy positive acts that seem like nothing in themselves.  As you let this truth guide your life from day to day, you’ll discover a beach has been born.  A resting place of satisfaction that gives a whole new attitude of confidence and contentment in the heat of the day.

Ask the Lord to show you the important little things that could eventually produce a beach of satisfaction and pleasure in your life.

What “little things” do you believe are important.
Let us know by leaving your comment.