Self Doubt: “Whatevuh!”

Self-Doubt_7Don’t let battles with self-doubt get your shorts in a twist.  In real life, self-doubt happens along with all of the other “S” words. 

Instead of getting side tracked or derailed by this pathetic little termite, think another thought or two about it’s shadowy presence.  Here are some thoughts you may find useful.  They certainly ring true for me and keep me on “the rails.”

  1. Accept that self-doubt is a temptation common to all man/womankind.
  2. Know that God will never be disillusioned with your ability to perform as a self made man or woman. In fact Jesus put it this way, “Without me you can’t do nada.”  (John 15)
  3. Know that He does have full confidence in Christ’s finished work on the cross for you.
  4. Know that He finishes what He starts.
  5. Know that you will never get to where you want to go spiritually or otherwise by exercising the mighty strength of your own self determination (or at least what you think God is expecting.)
  6. Know that, in your own abilities, He expects you to fail.
  7. Know that when you are knocked of your a#…(donkey) by self-doubt, that the best answer is to get off your “But” and move on with confidence in Him (regardless of how weak it feels at the moment.)
  8. Know that God is bigger and smarter than any obstacle…including you.
  9. Know that He doesn’t lie.  Therefore, He will NEVER leave you.
  10. Know that even when you are faithless, He is faithful. (2 Timothy 2:13)

So, as I said earlier….time to get off your But, doncha think?