Shoot…I did it again!

I’ve just blogged for 3 days on the immense value in starting your day with prayer which, itself, starts with sitting quietly and soaking without words.  Just consciously inviting the presence of the Lord.  I KNOW…yep…I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that it is a mistake to look at my email (or leave on the audible notifier)….or, anything else distracting.  This post comes immediately after doing it again!  Let’s talk about that:

What is sooooo hard about quietness?  How do we – practically speaking – turn the corner on this dilemma?  Can we “connect” with the Lord, anyway?  Or, do we just hope things are better tomorrow and live with a film of grey guilt over today?

Living with guilt until tomorrow is never the answer.

Let me ask you a question: When you get a flat tire, do you respond in frustration by getting a screw driver and putting a hole in the rest of the tires?  No, you don’t.  No matter how frustrated you are, you proceed to get the tire fixed.

It’s the same solution for “spiritual errors.”  Fix the “tire.”  Do something about it right there right then, if possible.

If you meant to start your day with a time of quietly waiting on the Lord — and instead — you realize you’ve let distractions rule your mind…even the good ones…stop!  Turn you heart to the Lord.  Fix the tire by simply connecting with Him in a few moments of worship.  Thank Him that He will never leave or forsake you.  Enjoy even a few moments in the confidence that you are moving forward in your journey of communion with Jesus.

There’s a joke for golfers that says, “As long as the last shot was closer to the green, it was a successful shot.”

Lighten up, my friend, and keep moving forward….even if only by inches.  It will get better if your heart is set on the goal.  Your new habit pattern of seeking God will get stronger!

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  • Pat Bruner

    Gary, your posts are some of my favs! You are a very creative leader…across the board! (Thanks for sharing the creative street ministry idea, too.)

    • Thanks, Pat! Btw…I have some very fond memories of being with you and Fred in Cali, Columbia. I hope we’ll get to do something together, again, one day.