Soaking Without The Word? (Before You Pray…3)

The title, “Before You Pray” actually reveals our mindset about prayer.  In truth, the silence “beforehand” is part of the whole…a facet of prayer, not something done before praying.  Yet, the “soaking silence” is not the whole, either.

When my Mom used to make home made bread, she would say things like, “You kneed the dough until it feels right.”  I guess she had become accustomed, through trial and error, how the dough felt when it was the perfect consistency.

Well, oddly enough, you get more and more used to “when it feels right” to move from stillness to reading and meditating on a scripture portion. I especially like using the Psalms because they are “heart literature.” I often make them “first person” and say them in praise to God.  I will sometimes simply read until a phrase sticks out.  I’ll stop….read it again…turn it over in my mind…and “listen” intuitively to it.  Those “stand out phrases” I find to often be God speaking specifically to me.

Another way I use the scriptures is by taking a verse or two and “Reading it, Writing it, Singing it, Saying it, and Praying it.”  Then there’s simply the practice of reading a Bible passage gently and slowly several times. The passage itself is not as important as the savoring of each portion of the reading, constantly listening for the “still, small voice” of a word or phrase that somehow speaks to you.

There is an important time for diligently researching and studying the Word of God.  I believe those times are vital to faith.  But, the practice of coming to the Lord in silence and quiet (or with simple music) followed by a “quietness” of including and praying through the scriptures is a practice that is essential to spiritual development of the Christ Follower.


P.S.  I also am one of those tongues talkers and I saturate my prayer times praying in the spirit. 🙂

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