5 Solid Tips To Overthrowing Regret

Regret-in-your-20s-is-a-good-thingHere’s the question, “What is the most important thing that brings happiness or joy in life?”  Many who read this blog will say, “Knowing Jesus.”  Then here’s the next question?

Why are so many people who truly do “know Jesus” living under a gray emotional cloud if they have the right answer?

[Btw…I believe that knowing Jesus is the correct foundational answer]

Regret Is The Culpret

Regret over what was said or done, and regret over what wasn’t said or done.  That’s the main wheelhouse of regret.  As you may know though…there is not joy or happiness in that emotional enclosure.

Regrets Happen But Being Connected To Regrets At The Hip Is Optional

Most people that seem involuntarily plagued by regrets don’t fully realize that it’s actually a voluntary plague.  Regret comes knocking at the door, and in they come (in fact welcomed) because it’s believed that they have a right to abide there.

The old gospel song is “Abide with Me”  The me is Jesus, not Regret.  Who is the Lord of your life?  Jesus, or Regret?

Solid Tips For Overthrowing Regret

  1. Realize that most – if not all – of the most courageous, joy-filled, successful people in life have major screw-ups.  You’re not a special case.  You’re not the most guilty of the lot.  The Savior in whom you believe is able to make everything work together for good in your life (Romans 8:28).
    It’s His specialty.
  2. Choose to make every day a new day.  Yes, you said and did some junk.  Yes, you didn’t say or do what you could (or even should) have.  Acknowledge it.  Admit it.  Choose to move passed it.  If your regret involves some kind of harm to another person, muster the courage to seek forgiveness (if they consciously know about it.  Otherwise just forgive yourself).  As Si of Duck Dynasty would say, “Here’s the fact, Jack”…Morning by mourning new mercies I see.  (Lamentations 3:22-23).  If it’s something that you wish you had done (occupation, education, etc)…”Better late than never.”  The approach may need to be different, but the destination can still be reached.  Helping you work that out is another one of God’s specialties.
  3. Talking to a trusted friend or family member can also help you identify fallacies in your thinking and give you the opportunity to sort through your feelings instead of merely experiencing them inside yourself.
  4. Live in the present, keeping your focus in the current moment stops you from re-living the past over and over; this will also help you to stop living your life through the eyes of your past.
  5. Choose to nurture an attitude of gratitude for what you still have.  Stop focusing on what you feel you’ve lost.  It will not help.  The load of loss will crush your spirit.  Cast it off of you onto Jesus.  Cast all your care on Him because He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7

There are more tips that can strengthen individual cases, but these five are a really good place to start.  Haven’t you been robbed by regret long enough?

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