Sometimes Faith Feels Like…

contemplationWhat does faith feel like?  Sometimes it might feel like supreme confidence.  I think that’s what many people expect.  Truth be told, though, there are times when stepping out in faith takes on a feeling that you’re marching to your own death.  Don’t worry!  Read on!

The bottom line is that the engine of faith is not how one feels.  True faith is the action one takes that’s birthed out of a trust in God and His Word.  Here’s where natural emotions, at times, tempt the “faith-walker” to speculate and fear that they may be marching to their own death.

Here’s what has helped stabilize “my boat” at those times:

  1. Rehearsing my own God stories of how stepping out in faith has resulted in victorious turns of events.
  2. Looking to the “inner sense” that I had heard God’s direction in the first place.

The difference between inner voices:

The inner voice of God does the following:

  1. It stills you.
  2. It leads you.
  3. It reassures you.
  4. It enlightens you.
  5. It encourages you.
  6. It comforts you.
  7. It calms you.
  8. It convicts you.

The inner voice of Satan does the following:

  1. It rushes you.
  2. It pushes you.
  3. It frightens you.
  4. It confuses you.
  5. It discourages you.
  6. It worries you.
  7. It condemns you.
  8. It obsesses you.

Therefore, if your inner promptings match up with the first list, then there’s a really good possibility it’s the nudging of God.  If the thought(s) are producing the descriptions found in list number two, give it no more consideration.

I Peter 4:12-13 says, “Don’t think it’s strange to be going through this fiery trial.  Instead, rejoice…”

Emotional battles are simply part of the faith journey.  Every faithful follower of Christ has them as a common course of events. 

But, like the working of any muscle – as sore as it may seem at the time – that warring with the weights produces gain!

Hang in there and purposely rejoice in the goodness of God!  You’re not alone.  Even Jesus learned obedience through the things that He suffered!

What’s an experience of yours?  Join the conversation with a comment and encourage someone!