Stressing The Devil – by Gary Ellis

To stress the devil or be stressed by him.  That’s the question.  Which is the child of God’s true, authentic destiny?

I believe the Kingdom answer to that question is…

Our redeemed privilege and position is to “stress the devil.” 

Now, let me take a second to clarify.  I don’t mean to put stress or emphasis on the demonic pressures being brought to bear on one’s life.  Lots of sincere Christians focus on what they believe to be demonic stressors. Truth be told, the demonic spiritual world does attempt to bring torment to the house of the believer. 

Unfortunately, too often we’ve played right into his wiles and schemes.  We’ve fallen prey to his tactics.  However…

I’m not talking about stressing – or putting focus on the junk he’s attempting to bring to bear in our lives.  I’m saying…

Our privilege and authority is to go on the offensive and take the stress to his house!

How do we do that?  Here’s just a couple of ways:

  1. Choose to never be offended with God over the things we don’t understand.

One of the demonic world’s chief goals is to tempt God’s children to become offended with Him.  Jesus spoke of this when John the Baptist asked the question, “Are we to continue to follow Jesus or should be be looking for another?”  You see, it was promised that Jesus would open prison doors.  Yet, he was in prison and as it turns out would never be released.  It was in that context that Jesus said, “Blessed is he who is not offended in me.”  Bill Johnson says, “We receive the peace that passes understanding when we give up our right to understand.”

B.  Take your eyes off of the devil and put them on your true Kingdom identity as a royal child of God.

The more you believe who you are and who the devil is not, the more you bring stress to the devil’s house because he can’t control the mind and emotions of a Kingdom Kid…and he knows it!

Seek first (make your highest priority) to be familiar and intimate with God’s Kingdom (your homeland).  

Being stressed by the devil’s antics is a sure sign that we have much more to learn about our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.  The more we know and embrace Kingdom truth, the more we become like Jesus who was able to sleep in the back of a boat that was tumbling in the turmoil of a storm.  Abundant revival culture living is being able to walk in the privilege of righteousness, peace, and joy that is increasingly free of fear, stress, and turmoil. 

I’ve discovered that it boils down to a matter of choice.  Often times that choice is made in the face of natural contradiction and lack of understanding.  But the more I make those important choices of belief, and the more my faith becomes resilient, the larger my understanding of my Kingdom authority grows in my heart.  With that the smaller the devil becomes in my perceptions.

I hope this post will jog my readers to re-evaluate their spiritual focus.  I urge you to move the direction that brings stress to the devil’s house and neutralizes his unwarranted tension and torment in your lives.