Stretch For Abundant Growth

We look forward at 2017 as a greater year for good.  Expansion in our lives and for our friends and loved ones.

But, we’ve been here before.  Fresh anticipation that this year will be better than the last one.  Yet, like a hamster on it’s wheel, the story begins again.  Fresh hope.  Little progress.

What Am I Missing?

A few years back, a prophetic voice that is proven to be legitimate, spoke a vision that he saw for me.

He said, “I see a ruler between two large hands being stretched.”

As I pondered the statement, I realized that the Lord was communicating something very important to me.

He was visually saying, “I am going to be stretching the way you measure things.”

In the years that have followed, the vision has proven to be a true word from the Lord.  The way I have measured what I considered fact and truth has been stretched.  I have become less judgemental and more considerate of other expressions of truth.  The result has been a largely expanded heart that has received many rich deposits of gold in my relationship with God and His Kingdom.

Willing To Be Stretched

It hasn’t always been easy.  Sometimes I’ve wondered if I was becoming a heretic (or hairy tic).  I grew up in such a rigid idea of what was determined as Scriptural, or Biblical.

Referring to the Bereans in Acts 17:11 Paul said, “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the Word with allreadiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily to see whether those things were so.”

What I discovered about myself is that I actually searched the Scriptures to see if something I questioned was false or not.  Not whether it was true.  The difference in the motivation is actually significant.  If a person is searching for “falseness,” they are actually looking for evidence to support their pre-established positions and opinions.  If they are searching for “trueness,” they are looking, without judgement, for confirmations of truth.  In other words, they are leaving their own prejudgements on the side for the moment.  They are desiring to be enlarged.

Without question, we need to take care that error is avoided, but we also need to be humble enough to realize that there is a great likelihood that we don’t already “know it all.”  It’s just possible that we only have a part of the picture.  Our doctrine may contain truth but be incomplete…even when the new thoughts seem to challenge pre-established ones.

This is not easy.  It hasn’t been for me, anyway.  But, when applied, this method of truth seeking has proven very beneficial.  In fact, in my opinion, this kind of humility is a major key in “Seeking first (as highest life priority) the Kingdom of God and His right ways.

I Challenge Myself…I Challenge You

We are in the first days of 2017.  We all have hopes for it being a blessed year.  An important part of that happening will include the humility and willingness to have what we think we know, stretched.  Jesus is door.  There is no other; but relating to Him is truth that contains many facets for growth.