Prophetic Word: Week of January 20, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 20, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

“It is my joy to help you, says the Spirit of Truth and Grace, to guide you on the path of right knowing and living. As we walk together, I will teach you with purpose and understanding that gives you clear insight and security for the journey ahead. I will reveal the heart of the Father. As He speaks to Me, I will then shine the light of His love and wisdom as it saturates the inner recesses of Your heart. Each place of darkness will give way to the brightness of His life, light, joy, peace, and confidence.

There is a change in the wind very close on the horizon. It is the breath of God and not to be feared. The eyes of the flesh will dread the fork in the road with anxiety and stress. Spirit-guided eyes will perceive the movement as the breath that breathes fresh life and transformation.

For I tell you Children of the Most High, neither the wiles of the evil one nor the schemes of the flesh have ever out-witted, nor out-performed His Eternal Majesty. Have I not said, “If God is for us, who can be against us.” Has He not fed the Servant of the Most High with the Ravens considered, by him, to be an abomination? Has the chaos of deep darkness not been transformed into a creation of light, love, and a garden of abundance by the word of His mouth and vibration of My wings? Do you think the powers of God’s might have diminished since the beginning of time? Do you believe that The cacophony of men’s clamoring has muted his voice?

I say it is time to own your relationship with your Father of Lights and Love. It is time to honor Him with your whole heart. It is time for you to choose this day whom you will serve. Will it be the author of darkness and death…strife and suffering…anxiety and confusion? Or will it be the One who has redeemed you through the life of His Son; The One who transforms children into mature men and women whose greatest delight is in being vessels of His love and life. Have you not been on the sidelines long enough? Is it not time you volunteer to be more than a Kingdom Observer and join the ranks of Kingdom Transformers?

Choose this day – and own that choice – so that you may find your place as Partners of His Grace. Choose this day. Begin to ascend on eagle’s wings and learn to fly above the storm as you also guide your neighbor to safe harbor. Choose this day, and own your choice. You have been uniquely formed and fashioned from your Mother’s womb and the circumstances of life for a time such as this. I do not call you to be a self-accomplished hero. I invite you to make your choice – own that choice – and then humbly learn the ways of The Hero. May you listen and hear the words of the Spirit of Truth and Grace.”

May the Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis, Pastor
Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA.