Are Your Thoughts Destroying Your Happiness?

Just as it is important to realize that nobody can make you mad, it is also important to admit that flowing thoughts don’t control what you think. You do.

When I say, “You do,” I mean you and Holy Spirit, working in a partner-friendship, do; with Him as the Senior Partner. That is why it is essential to acknowledge your connection with Him as a daily-life protocol. The mental pressures of the flesh life are more than you can handle alone. You and Holy Spirit must be in conscious connection for you to succeed in your thought-life.

“Holy Spirit, it is my will that You and I are of the same mind today (or now).”

The Passion Translation says (Philippians 2:5, And consider the example that Jesus, the Anointed One, has set before us. Let his mind-set become your motivation.”   (Let the mind-set of Jesus become your motivation).

“Holy Spirit, how would Jesus be thinking about this (or that)?”

Of course, Philippians 4:8 reveals the heart of the Christ-like mind-set.  I will, again, quote the Passion Translation:

So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always.”

To experience the abundant life in the present, it is essential that we have a protocol for the way we allow ourselves to think.

Remember:  No other person or situation can make you mad, stressed-out, or fearful.  Those are the choices that you  (and I) allow.

I will close this article with a quote from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy,
“If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.”

Independent human reason of the flesh-mind focuses on fear.  It tells us that this or that issue, that generates feelings of fear, anxiety, and anger are rational and reasonable.  But, the only perspective that is reasonable is God’s perspective.  I urge us all to establish the protocol of choosing God’s perspective as our ruling thoughts.  Abundant life follows.





God Is Not A Cheapskate

sun-earthGod’s creation demonstrates that He is not a miser, skinflint, or cheapskate.  His accessible resources are more than enough.  The Scriptures emphasize the fact that it’s ours for the receiving.

God told Paul one time, “My grace is sufficient for you.”  (2 Cor. 12:9)

Many times we think of the word “sufficient” differently than God means it.

We think He is saying, “The grace that I give you is enough to meet your necessities.  It’s sufficient.  God means something wholly different.  He means “more than enough.”

Think about this:

Enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface each minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands—for an entire year.

The word that God used with Paul also had the meaning, “to draw up.”  In other words, His grace was more than enough to draw Paul up into a highly place (His Presence.)  Instead of God removing the tormenting circumstances from Paul, God’s grace was more than enough to pull Paul up to a higher place.

If you have been asking God to take away your negative circumstances so that your life would improve, maybe His answer would be the same as it was with Paul.  He would say, “Your circumstances don’t have to change to make your life better.  Look to My grace.  It’s more than enough to lift you up out of the effects the circumstances are having on you into a place of peace in my Presence.

The sun demonstrates the depth of God’s resources.  You have no cause to worry.  Embrace His grace.  It’s more than enough than you and I will ever need.

One last thought:  His provision is best experienced by receiving it in and for the present moment.  Discouragement comes by trying to reason out what He will do in the future.  You don’t live “there.”  You live “here.”  Here is where you embrace His more than enough grace.

Where has He proved “more than enough for you?”  Share in the comments.  It will encourage others in this Blog Family.


Invitation To Experience

It was late at night and I had just climbed into bed. As I began to drift off, I heard words with my “inner ear.” The thought was the scripture verse, Ephesians 3:20,

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,”

Then I immediately heard the question, “Are you experiencing that verse?”

“Umm…well…good things are happening.”

“Are you experiencing immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine?”

“Honestly?  No.

“You can.”  The voice of His Spirit continued, “Because those are the words of invitation for you to experience.”

Now, I was awake.  I had just heard more than more spiritual information.  I had heard a challenge.

What a thought!  I don’t know about you, but I’m goin’ for it!

What’s important to realize is the fact that the immeasurably more is based upon…”according to [on the basis of] the power that’s at work within you/me.”

Frankly, I believe that has a lot to do with intentionally praying with my spirit…more and more and more.  A habit that grows and grows.  Times set aside as well as lightly throughout the day during other activity.

Through praying with my spirit the Scriptures say I am built up…sensitized to His world and His will.

Here’s the thing.  We often have good, noble, loving God thoughts.  And when we follow through and take action on these thoughts, (truth be told) we still come up short.  We fill a hungry belly (as an example) but anyone, through natural effort, can do some merciful things about hunger.  But, more often than not, those on the receiving end need far more than another hot dog and scoop of beans.  That’s good.  But God has much more in mind.   He is more than will to share that wisdom, strategy, and power with us…as we learn to listen to even “greater things.”

Remember….the declarations and promises of Scripture are invitations to experience.  What is He inviting you to?


Key To Abundance

Abundance in life is a normal desire everyone has.  In my opinion, abundance or prospering is at the heart of our God given DNA.  Books are written and read by many.  Seminars are taught and attended by multitudes.  Yet, so many still find themselves lacking. 

I began growing in the area of personal abundance when I discovered a key that I want to share with you…

To me the “master key” to abundance is in discovering what abundance, prosperity, and satisfaction in the spirit realm really is.  By the way…you and I are – at the core of our being – spirit.  Our bodies allow us to have physical experiences.

The flesh (that earth focused and trained part of you and me) has laid layer upon layer of definitions of what it means to have abundance/prosperity/satisfaction.  The truth is, some of the ways you and I spell or describe abundance has some validity.  However, so many don’t realize this very important fact; and it’s this:

To know true abundance/pleasure/joy/peace/prosperity, it must be understood and embraced from heaven’s perspective.  What is the atmosphere of abundance in the Kingdom of God?  I, of course, am not referring to the afterlife, but the here and now.

As soon as…and the more that…our hearts have that revelation or unveiling, the more we are able to experience powerful, deep, profound, everlasting abundance in the here and now.

Although I speak of a spiritual revealing, I’m not inferring that this knowledge is for a select few “super saints” that sit around cross-legged going “ommm” all day.  The principles are in the Scriptures.  They are unwrapped by the Holy Spirit as we study, ponder, and ask Him to reveal the abundant atmosphere of God’s Kingdom.  That’s an open potential for every follower of Jesus regardless of age or state in life.

When each of us walk that pathway, we begin a journey of discovery where we declare from experience, “At His right and are pleasures forevermore.”  I invite you to begin seeking Kingdom style abundance now with a simple request, “Lord show me what your abundance looks and feels like.”

Too many times we totally misunderstand how the Holy Spirit will answer.  We think He will reveal things that we have to learn how to put up with.  Instead, He changes our hearts and minds and we begin experiencing things that are truly fulfilling and deeply awe inspiring.

Come on now.  Let’s jump in the deep end of life!


Purpose Driven by Gary Ellis

Jesus had a purpose.  He had THE purpose driven life.  No question about it. 

That purpose is directly linked to your destiny.  Both in the ages to come, and in the here and now.  And, it’s forever focused on you.

In a word, that purpose is for you to have [own, experience, walk in, walk with, and walk out] the kind and quality of life that is beyond the ability to measure, put in a test tube, or within the boundaries of limitation.

How could that change your day, month, year, or life if it’s really true?

Here’s the thing.  It is really true.  Really as in really, really!


I used to think of abundant life as my life’s circumstances and conditions.  But, I came to discover that it’s better than that.  Much, much better!

Since the real meaning of the Greek words that Jesus spoke for abundant life means life that’s beyond the ability to measure, that life has to be HIM IN YOU.  Not simply your life’s circumstances or conditions.  And here’s how that’s better…

You have received the gift of being able to face life as Jesus faced it.  With the same wisdom, power, faith….you name it.  That’s true because He is in you…one with you.  You and He are One.  That opens up infinite possibilities!

The devil may have come to make a mess out of your life.  But that’s just a side note.  The real story is what Jesus came to do IN YOU.

Keep looking down on your circumstances. You’re seated [at rest] with Jesus in heaven’s realms.  You’re two places (literally) at the same time.  You come at life FROM victory…not feverishly trying to obtain it.







Jesus of Nazareth, my Lord and my Hero was purpose driven.  His purpose was very simple and straight forward.  “I have come [with this purpose] that you might have immeasurable life.” (John 10:10).


Life On Target by Gary Ellis

Satisfied.  Fulfilled.  On target.  Those are words that describe what I feel like when I respond to the new law of Christ within me.  That’s how I know when I’m walking by His Spirit.

Unsatisfied. Unfulfilled.  Missing the target.  Those are words that describe what I feel like when I respond to – what the Bible calls – the flesh.

A “life on target” (Jesus called it, “The Abundant Life”) is the goal and the process.

Here are more descriptions of that life:

  • God minus religion
  • Jesus plus nothing
  • Freedom minus bondage

Religion is man’s attempt to do his or her best to comply with the rules that will satisfy God.  The word, religion, is made up of two words that mean to bind again.

Religion is natural mankind trying to be good for God.

Life on target is responding to Christ’s life within that is already good as God.

Man’s biggest problem today is not morality.  It’s trying to produce a moral life without The Life.  True morality is within the DNA of His life.  Responding to that Life is automatic morality … without attempts to produce morality with rules of behavior change.

Morality – Right Behavior – Godly Living is to the life of Christ as wet is to water.

To get wet, jump in the water.  Swim in it.  Float in it.  Respond to it.

How do I know if I’m responding to Life?

Did my actions feel satisfying, fulfilling, breathing, expanding, energizing?  Or, was the result unsatisfying, unfulfilling, suffocating, diminishing, weakening?

It’s Jesus plus nothing.  Don’t even consider measuring yourself, today, by a rule…even a good one.  Respond to Him.  He’s right there within you if you’ve invited Him to be there.



Your Rear View Mirror

I was listening to a man explain to me how bad he felt about a certain event that had occurred.  It was a story and his expressed emotions of regret I’d heard several times.  Once again, I told him that he was free to let that pain go.  After all, it actually wasn’t something he was responsible for.

That’s just one example of people “driving” through life with their eyes fixed on the rear view mirror.  Problem is…

As in real driving, it’s dangerous to use the rear view mirror for more than “checking” what may be behind you.  Checking what’s behind you can be helpful to making wise choices in your next moves.  But…

When a person’s eyes spend too much time looking to the rear – retelling their past – reviewing painful and frustrating circumstances…even spending too much time on good ones…

they may miss what’s directly in front of them!  At worst, this can be tragic.  At best, a wasted positive opportunity.  In fact…

There’s nothing more damaging to your future potential than wasting a present opportunity!

Jesus promised abundant life, did He not?  Abundant is a good word.  In fact it’s a great word! And, if you’re in His house of faith, it’s an open declaration of His desire for you.  Really, it’s more than that.  It’s a grace gift.  He already paid for that abundant life that lies in front of you.

Jim Rohn teaches, “Let your past be a school master, not a club.”

Check the rear view mirror of your life.  But only give it the amount of time “remembering” was intended for.  Be aware of things and people that are directly in front of you and enjoy the present journey.  It’s His Abundant Life Will!

One more truism:  You don’t own success.  You have to rent it every day.

I love your comments.  Keep ’em coming.  We all learn from your observations and experiences!
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