Finding Zen Reality

Finding Zen reality?! What?! Are you serious right now?! 

I thought you were a Christian!  I thought I could trust your counsel!  I thought…but…

Yes, I am.  And, yes, you can.  Many sincere committed Christians could clearly be “put off” by my title.  But, if you’ll read on, I believe you’ll discover a valid and important point for those who are equally sincere and committed to communicate authentic “Christianity” to others who are not Christian in their beliefs.

(I put “Christianity” in quotes because I like making a distinction between living faith in the person of Christ and a religious system that is not necessarily a true reflection of Jesus)

Now to Zen.  I’ve discovered that most people I hear use the term are expressing it as a slang and not the true core meaning.  In my experience, most people I’ve been around that use Zen as an adjective mean “peaceful/uncluttered” and other similar meanings.

I’m also sorry to say that many committed Christians that I know hear someone use the word Zen in a comment and immediately put up a defensive or dismissive wall in their minds.

I believe an inner (and outwardly) argumentative or dismissive response is not helpful to the cause of communication of the most wonderful message God has for the world.  Instead of assuming a defensive mental posture, I believe it is much better to take the time to understand on a heart level what the person means.  I have discovered so many times that “they” have a heart thirst for the same things that I do.

So what I really mean by my title, “Finding Zen Reality,” is the pursuit of discovering the realities of other people’s hearts.  That, of course, takes time motivated by love.

It also may require eliminating some of the busy-ness from our lives in order to make time to listen.  As Heidi Baker says, “making time for the one.”  Expressing God’s love one face at a time.

My challenge for myself in 2013 (and for any that will consider it with me) is this motivational motto:

Let’s look for the ways that make us similar (in heart and desire) rather than hearing “differences” with a defensive, dismissive attitude.

I do believe that one needs to have a centered collection of beliefs that is a foundation for their lives.  And, yes, I am very much a committed Christ Follower.  Jesus is my ultimate connection to my Heavenly Father.  But, I also (and as part of my core values) believe it’s truly Christian to listen to what others hearts are saying and meaning.

In my humble opinion, it’s only then that I (and we) can build upon a platform of respect and truly communicate the Good News of the Gospel.

I’d love to hear your feedback.  That’s how we learn, together.