Creating Peace…Unless You’re Dead

If you’re dead, there’s no reason to read this blog entry.  But, if you’re still breathing, you’ll want to discover this secret that is too seldom used by too many.

When you find yourself stressed out, hemmed in, or jacked up in some other of a thousand ways, do what God designed you to do…CREATE!

Before you bounce out of this article because you don’t think it will interest or apply to you, WAIT!

Creativity is as creativity does!  Here are a couple of the reasons many people’s eyes glass over when being creative is the subject:

  1. A misunderstanding that the “creative gene” is limited to artistic types like musicians, actors, authors, and the like.  WRONG!
  2. Things playful and enjoyable are for kids.  Once one becomes an adult with serious adult problems, anything but solemn seriousity in approaching life’s significant issue is a waste of time.  WRONG!  <I know seriousity is not a word…but i don’ care :)>

God Fashioned and Breathed His Creative Nature Into Everyone

When God made mankind, He did not reserve the quality of creativity for just a unique group that would become the artsy-fartsy folks.  The only differences among us is how that creative capacity is expressed.

He made some with the desire and ability to fashion with their hands.  Others love to work with numbers.  Still others have an organizational capacity to take a messy environment and creatively turn it into clean and neat.  The examples are as varied as talent and gift capacities.  The “life blood” of one’s unique personal make-up is known as creativity.  It’s the “creative spark” that ignites you and fulfills a practical need.

Play Is Serious Business

Working by the sweat of one’s brow was a part of the curse that came upon mankind as a result of disobedience.   I’m convinced that the pre-redemption “sweat of the brow” mentality is the vampire that’s been sucking the life blood out of God’s intended Abundant Life of God’s Kids.

The Kingdom of God being like children is a metaphor for many, many living qualities, but I believe that “play being serious business” is one of the key points of us being reconciled to Kingdom life and ways.  We are called to enjoy (infuse with joy) any challenge that faces us.  We have the ability, by His Spirit, to rejoice (re-joy ourselves) by drawing on Who He is.  Otherwise, we may be redeemed in doctrine, but still struggling through life with a curse mentality.

What Do I Do When Faced With A Challenge?

I play.  I create.  I plug into my God-given type of creative flow.  It settles me.  It elevates my “aliveness.”  And somehow I can’t explain, the creative flow snags solutions, out of the invisible.  In the playful peace I find a deeper connection to God than I do through a conventional understanding of prayer.   Actually, I think that real prayer and creative flow are deeply intermingled.

It took awhile for me to adjust.  I struggled with feelings that I was wasting time.  But “proof is in the pudding.” (Western idiom…sorry….lots of my readers are from all over the globe). 

Today, I live in more peace.  I enjoy more solutions.  I sense a more profound connection to to God and the life He has given me to live.

Do you resonate with this perspective?  How do you think you might approach your life with more of your creativity?  Please comment.

I get a “charge” out of visualizing quotes.  Here are some recent examples that helped settle me.  Nothing artistically profound.  Just simple Keynote projects on my Mac.



Live In Christ.001Don't Water Your Weeds.001






You Have Brilliant Ideas

You have brilliant, genius ideas!

If that’s true, why isn’t your actual (for reals) life genius-ly brilliant?

One reason that your “real time” life doesn’t match what’s in your brain bank is simply because you have too many brilliant ideas to actually act upon.

I am convinced that most people today have A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder).  Distractions abound.  The thing is, many of the ideas that float distractingly through your mind are brilliant….just not timely –  in a practical action way – at this moment.

So, what’s the solution? How can you actually use more of the ideas that come to mind.  How can you “plug in” the thoughts that you really feel would help you improve your relationship with friends, family, and God.  How do you not forget the “I wonder what would happen ifs?”

The first step:

Jot the idea down in a small notepad you can carry with you.  If you do that, your brain will tell you it’s okay to go back to the task at hand.  But, if you begin practicing this simple habit (in the way that makes sense for you – like, maybe, carrying a small mp3 recorder) you will begin creating a “Brilliant Locker” of do-able actions (in their time).

The second step:

Every now and then, purposely look through the ideas snippets that you’ve jotted down or recorded.

I’ll conclude this post by saying, “You have lots of brilliant ideas!  You just need to corral and save them for use at a more appropriate time.  You may be surprised how this leads to improved relationships and life in general….cuz…you’re brilliant as God’s creation.  Really brilliant.  You just need to tend and manage your “garden.”

If you’ve found this helpful, make a comment and/or repost it or forward it to someone else who may benefit.  Thanks 🙂