Eyeballs Materialize

We need demonstration of God’s power, today.  Not just excellency of speech.  In fact the Apostle Paul said those words, himself, a couple of centuries ago…”not with persuasive words of wisdom.  But, in demonstration and power” (1st Corinthians 2:4).  If it was true then, how much more NOW?!

I’ve personally witnessed many, many verifiable miracles.  In ministry meetings in other countries;  But, also in my own church, Sanctuary Revival Center, Davenport, IA.

However, this one blows my mind.  Not only the blind seeing, but eyeballs appearing. Watch:

Never Give Up

Decide, today, that “giving up/throwing in the towel” is not an option.  You have to finish. But not in your own strength.  Never in your own strength. That’s been your problem.  Finish with the strength of your Heavenly Father.  Watch this short video.  It will give you courage:

Are You An Information Junkie?

An information junkie is, typically, a great guy or gal with wonderful dreams and desires for life.  Probably not unlike you and me.

They know that information is power.  At least, that is what they’ve heard…and that’s what they believe.  That’s true enough…sorta.

So you’re half-way there…

Information is power… when it’s acted upon!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got “tons” of good stuff (much of it unopened or half read) on topics that will connect you with your dreams and desires in life.  Not much power there…except the power to gather dust.

And, oh yea, the power to trick me into thinking I’m closer to achieving my desire simply by virtue of the fact that I have all that good information close at hand (er, I think so…although I’m not totally sure anymore what I actually have….or how it might be relevant.)

So, what do I do to start converting the information to power?

  • Get off the “I’m gunna do this, and I’m gunna do that” treadmill…
  • Admit (outloud), “I’m an information junkie and my first gunna is to get straight
  • Take the time to make a priorities list of the things you consider the most important for you…
  • Pick the top 3 and “parking lot” the rest (ie: “parking lot” means don’t destroy but give a much lower level of priority)
  • Intentionally focus on the 3 (This will take practice…remember you’re being delivered from an addiction to information)
  • Form action habits within your top 3 priority list.  It will not take as long as you think to start forming healthy habits once you start acting on something

Remember:  Information with Action is Power!  You can do it! 🙂



Experimenting With Prayer (1)

Prayer.  We’re supposed to do it.  We want to do it (to one degree or another).  But…if honest, most of us would say that we don’t feel we’re very good at it; Or, even understand it.   So….I have a brilliant solution 🙂   Let’s experiment…

Ummm….is that okay with God? Isn’t prayer something that is too holy to play with?

“No.  As a matter of fact, I think God wants us to “play/experiment” with prayer. Frankly, it is a great way of demonstrating a desire to get good at our relationship with Him.

In discussing this subject with men in my church, the common consensus was that prayer events were pretty much designed by and for WOMEN.  Not that that is automatically a bad thing!  It simply ignores that fact that men and women relate differently on a social level. And, therefore, men relate to God differently than women do.  Related Examples:

  • Women are talkers for the pure enjoyment of talking “In Details” with each other
  • Men are doers and only talk in “Headlines” and only speak enough to get the job done

They felt that this carries over into a “prayer life.”

What do you think? (Please leave a comment and join the discussion).

(To be continued…)



Worry – The Overrated Luxury

It ain’t worth it.  It’s overrated.  Worry is a very popular sport, but it’s never really been beneficial to anybody, anywhere, EVER!  In fact…

…the exact opposite is true.  It has been medically proven to contribute to many physical ailments.  It puts the potential of discovering creative solutions to the problems we face in a cruel, unrepentant, dank, dark torture chamber.  And, on top of it all, it holds faith captive, and deafens the voice of God, within.

The Bible actually addresses the subject of worry (and it’s marauding family of masqueraders) repeatedly.  By the way…I called them a family of masqueraders because the imps pass themselves off as common sense, rationality, and many other good sounding attributes.

A better solution: Make your mind stuff itself on a buffet of God’s words regarding worry, fretting, and the like.

  • Matthew 6:25-34
  • Philippians 4:6

Here’s a quote I’d like to share with you from a book called, “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews that I believe you’ll think on for a long time:

“Take a deep breath.  If you can breathe you are still alive.
If you are alive, then you are still here.
If you are still here, then you have not completed
what you were put here on earth to do.
If you have not completed what you were put here on earth to do,
that means your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled.
If your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled,
Then the most important part of your life has not yet been lived.
If the most important part of your life has not yet been lived…
If the most important part of your life is yet ahead of you,
Then during the worst times, you can be assured that there is yet
more laughter ahead, more success to yet look forward to, more
children to teach and help, more friends to touch and influence.

Why worry when you can wait on the Lord and renew your strength.  Why worry when you can be like King David of the Old Testament (at one of the worst points of his life) and spend your time encouraging yourself in the Lord your God.


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Soaking Without The Word? (Before You Pray…3)

The title, “Before You Pray” actually reveals our mindset about prayer.  In truth, the silence “beforehand” is part of the whole…a facet of prayer, not something done before praying.  Yet, the “soaking silence” is not the whole, either.

When my Mom used to make home made bread, she would say things like, “You kneed the dough until it feels right.”  I guess she had become accustomed, through trial and error, how the dough felt when it was the perfect consistency.

Well, oddly enough, you get more and more used to “when it feels right” to move from stillness to reading and meditating on a scripture portion. I especially like using the Psalms because they are “heart literature.” I often make them “first person” and say them in praise to God.  I will sometimes simply read until a phrase sticks out.  I’ll stop….read it again…turn it over in my mind…and “listen” intuitively to it.  Those “stand out phrases” I find to often be God speaking specifically to me.

Another way I use the scriptures is by taking a verse or two and “Reading it, Writing it, Singing it, Saying it, and Praying it.”  Then there’s simply the practice of reading a Bible passage gently and slowly several times. The passage itself is not as important as the savoring of each portion of the reading, constantly listening for the “still, small voice” of a word or phrase that somehow speaks to you.

There is an important time for diligently researching and studying the Word of God.  I believe those times are vital to faith.  But, the practice of coming to the Lord in silence and quiet (or with simple music) followed by a “quietness” of including and praying through the scriptures is a practice that is essential to spiritual development of the Christ Follower.


P.S.  I also am one of those tongues talkers and I saturate my prayer times praying in the spirit. 🙂

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Jesus and Me (Before You Pray…2)

What is prayer…really?  Actually, it’s many things.  One of the most important descriptions I’ve discovered is that it’s “Jesus and Me.”  It’s the nurturing of a personal relationship with Him.  In fact, to me, that is the form of prayer that is first and foremost in my life.

With many people, prayer is primarily saying, “Thankyou” for food at meals.  It is also an opportunity to ask God to answer a requested need.  But, prayer is so much more. As a matter of fact, one of it’s primary purposes is to nurture personal relationship with Jesus.

Personal relationship with spouses, family, and friends includes the ability to simply sit quietly in each other’s presence without having to say much if anything at all.  My wife and I enjoy being in the same room together, sometimes each reading, other times watching a favorite T.V. program.  Being together and sensing each other’s presence has deep value in the nurturing of love and companionship.

That may sound a bit strange as it relates to prayer and spiritual nourishment.  However, it is of more practical help than many imagine.  Just learning to be quiet and confident together.  Most of us give too little acknowledgment of the “little things” that add together to make our relationship with the Lord powerful.

In my next post I want to ask the very important question, “Soaking Without The Word?”  There is no true powerful prayer in it’s fullness without the Scriptures as illumination and final authority.

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Before You Pray…

When I talk to God, I have a hard time quieting down.  It’s difficult to not be interrupted by all kinds of good things that invade my thinking.  Good stuff that is not necessarily – at that moment – important God things distract me.  And…I just betcha you know what I’m talking about.  God said, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Personally, I’ve discovered that quieting myself is essential to “knowing” Him.  Quieting myself is essential to “making contact” in a way that feels alive and personal.

I heard a man named Vance Havner (a great teacher) say, “Mark it down.  Good is the worst enemy of best.”  I’ve found that to be true over and over again.  Personally, I like to fix a cup of coffee.  Go to my computer.  Look for some good peaceful music, and with a pad of paper (or some kind of task list on my computer desk top) sit quietly, sip my coffee, and just sit there peacefully and quietly.  Frankly, it is essential to do this either early in the morning, or in the evening just before going to bed.  The reason is because early in the morning, busy-ness has not yet started, and later at night you know there is nothing more you are responsible for until the next day.  Your mind “justifies” a lack of tasking at those moments.

I’ve also found a couple of great internet sites with worshipful, “soaking” kind of music.  Soaking.Net and S.W.A.P. You can find some of my favorites by going to my YouTube Channel (The button under my picture above). After I’ve allowed myself 10 or 15 minutes to just “chill” (all the while focusing my heart on God in inner worship), I will then either open my actual bible or go to a bible on the internet (like Crosswalk) usually to a Psalm and slowly read it as a prayer to the Lord.  And, I’ll spend some time just turning the phrases that stand out over and over in my mind.  That simple procedure really helps me get quiet.  You see…it’s not those times that I focus on studying the Word.  Instead it’s that necessary “quieting my mind and heart time” with God.  It’s just sitting in the room with Him.  Often without words.

It’s at those times that I often have those disrupting “good action/responsibility” thoughts.  And, they are usually good things.  But, at that moment, not God things.  So, that is where the pad and pen, or computer task list comes in.  When the thought arrives, I write it down.  And, somehow that takes care of it.  The reason the good thoughts become distracting is because my mind thinks that if I don’t act on them right away, I will forget to do it.  When you write it down, your mind accepts the fact that you’ll have a reminder for later.

It’s so important to have times of Soul Quiet with the Lord.  The more you function that way, the more you’ll ultimately hear Him at other times.  I know it to be true.  I’ve experienced it.

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Awesome Cemetery Treasure

There’s awesome treasure buried in the soil of our city’s cemeteries.  The fortune I speak of is all of the unfulfilled potential lying beneath each tombstone.  The riches of many men and women’s – boy’s and girl’s – lost possibilities would stagger the imagination.  More specifically consider these – just to name a few:

  • Authors of books that were never written and read
  • Powerful songs that were never composed and sung
  • Great businesses that were never launched
  • Inspired ministries that were never started
  • Great women who died as prostitutes
  • Awesome men who died as drug addicts
  • Multitudes of other potentials

We need to be aware of the thief.  He masquerades in all kinds of forms and thoughts.  His plan is to stop the great potential God has placed in all of us to fulfill the “good works” DNA God has deposited within us. Be encouraged.  Pursue God.  Dream.  Act.  Be Confident to press forward.

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Where Is Your God???

Where is God?  Why has He left me out in the cold?  There seems to be a promise of better things, but it’s always ahead of me out of reach.

Haven’t we all thought those things?

Here’s the good news.  No, not good news.  Great news!  You see King David was thinking the same thing in Psalm 42:3

He goes on to say twice in that Psalm alone: “Hope In God.” You see, King David had a multitude of experiences where the natural circumstances looked like God had gone on vacation.  The hope was  in the inviting “yellow house” of promises always ahead and just out of reach.  One of those times He said, “I encouraged myself in the Lord my God.”  In fact, search the word, “encourage” in your your bible (or let the great internet tool “Crosswalk.com” help you with that).  You’ll discover renewed courage from just reading some of those verses, yourself.

There are no words of encouragement like God’s Word to help pick up your soul and refresh your courage, today.

You may find hope in other places, but it’s the words of scripture that are your final authority and your lasting encouragement, discernment, and strength.  Don’t try to live your life, today, without them!

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