Prophetic Word: Week of January 13, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 13, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

To those of my Children who are of mind and heart to receive it, says the Spirit of Grace, we are in a time of great and wonderful transition from the heaviness and confusion of lack to a fresh abundance of life in and with Me.

This week I point, again, to the need for “letting go” of those opinions, beliefs, and attitudes that hinder you from realizing the living power of My peace, joy, patience, and wholeness. It is for freedom found in God’s Kingdom that Jesus came and gifted you with grace.

Holding on to the things I call limitations, clouds the vision of your spiritual eyes, and distorts the truth that I have called you to believe.

I do not hold on to your sins. I’ve let them go into the infinite distance between east and west. The only judgment they have over your life is that which you continue to grant. You hold yourself into the destructive pits of stress, anxiety, and despair with your own self-forged chains.

The chains of bitterness and offense, with which you hold others, is of your own making as well. But, the salvation that breaks those chains is by the powerful oil of my grace. Your natural efforts to let go and forgive yourself and others are ineffective. The chains remain.

Call upon the Spirit of Grace for the oil and power of His forgiveness, so that you may enjoy the release that has kept you stuck and bound to anger, shame, grief, and self-judgment for yourself and your neighbor. As you experience the saturating power of my grace, you will give me the honor for doing what you could not.

The house of my abundant love is built upon the foundation stones of ‘letting go’ and forgiving. It is a house that no circumstance in life is able to destroy. It is the cornerstone that sets all other stones in order. Forgiving and letting go is the plumb line that assures your crooked places will become straight. Receive my power to forgive and let go, and enjoy the living abundance of life that is your inheritance. Thus says the Spirit of Grace to those He dearly loves.

Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis