A Form Of Highest Praise

I was gazing at my favorite painting of Jesus while soft music played in the background.  This posture is what you might call a standard protocol for my morning quiet time.

The words seemed to form in my mind, “It is ultimate praise to me when you function as I made you.  I enjoy that very much!”

Then, a short time later as I was “soaking” in that thought, another impression arose in me, “The seeds of inspiration are mine.  Taking dominion over the seeds is yours.”

Note:  The Lord designed me with the calling of writing.  The same truth can apply to any person’s function in life applied to their talents, desires, and motivations.

Therefore, we give ultimate praise to the Lord when we function as He designed and gifted us.  I am reminded me of a quote by former Olympian runner, Eric Liddel, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast!  When I run, I feel His pleasure.”

Jesus said to me, “The seeds of inspiration are mine.  Taking dominion over the seeds is yours.”  An example of me, as a writer, taking dominion over the seeds would be the finished thought,

“I give you the seeds of inspiration, not the mature plant.  You take dominion over the seeds of inspiration by fashioning and transforming them into thoughts of truth, power, and beauty, that, in turn, breaths life into others.”

This complete thought is a demonstration of what might be called, ‘inspirational partnership.’  I encourage you to develop your relationship with Jesus by opening your mind and heart to those seeds of inspiration that apply to your own life.  It is one of the highest forms of praise and brings joy to both you and Jesus.






Beating Frustration (1)

Frustration is one of life’s simple pleasures, eh?  You’re probably wondering how I got this drawing of you when you thought nobody was watching, right?  Well, keep reading and I’ll share that little secret…

Okay, it’s not you…but it could have been more than once…twice?  A gazillion times?

But seriously…frustration is one of the most common emotional conditions known to mankind.  Everything seems to be going reasonably well and…….whoooooosh…….somebody happens to your well laid plans.

It’s not always somebody. Sometimes someTHING happens.  But more often than not there’s a someBODY somewhere in the mix.

So, now that I’ve stated the obvious, what’s the solution.  How do you beat frustration at its own ugly game?

There are a few practical things that I’m going to share with you that have worked for me.  They still work….when I remember to practice them.  Practice is a good word, because beating frustration takes a life-time of practice.

The one thing I’m going to mention today is a biggy.  And, it’s simply…


We are addicted to speed.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a worse and maybe more devastating addiction than most drugs.  For one reason, we know drugs are bad.  We honor speed.

It’s going to take practice…but start now.  Take a deep breath.  I mean it!  Take a deep breath.  Let it out slowly.

Excessive speed is killing you emotionally.  Frustration is simply going to appear in this real deal world.  But, living constantly in the fast lane is only adding fuel to the fire.

Think about this.  Mull it over and over in your mind.  Ask God to reveal something to you as you ponder these words from Psalm 23, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside still waters.”

Let’s be honest here.  Speed has never solved any of your problems.  In fact it may have cost you a few (or many) bucks.

You’re going to need some peace to beat frustration.  And, you can’t catch peace by running after it.  Peace doesn’t run.

Finally, frustration won’t be beaten without God’s help.  And, God isn’t going to run to catch up with you.   So, slow down and come along side God at His speed.


What have you done that has helped you in the battle with frustration?
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Never Give Up

Decide, today, that “giving up/throwing in the towel” is not an option.  You have to finish. But not in your own strength.  Never in your own strength. That’s been your problem.  Finish with the strength of your Heavenly Father.  Watch this short video.  It will give you courage:

Just the Facts…

“Just the facts, M’am” is one of those phrases that Joe Friday coined in the early days of the T.V. series, “Dragnet.”  But, there’s a difference between Facts and Truth:  The words Evidence and Proof are also used interchangeably but have meanings that are quite different.  Are you hung up and defeated in your life because you don’t know the difference?

Here are the definitions:  Facts = Apparent Circumstances.   Truth = God’s Perspective.  Evidence and Proof are similar.

Often, when a person get’s stuck in a rut and can’t seem to see the potential that is yet to be fulfilled in their lives, it’s because they are looking at the
apparent circumstances and evidence in their lives as if it were the TRUTH or PROOF about themselves.  If you’ve failed once, twice, three times, or many more…well…that’s just the facts, right?  That is all the evidence you need.  That’s the disgusting, discouraging truth about you.  You have all the proof you need that you’ll never amount to anything.  WRONG! What do you look like from God’s Perspective?

He sees you, still, with all the seeds of potential He created you for.  According to Ephesians 2:10 a Christ Follower was created in Christ Jesus to do good works.  And that’s not referring to wimpy, meaningless stuff.  It’s also not referring to “religious church stuff.”  You were created and infused with God’s grace to accomplish phenominal feats.  If you have a “dirt body” you were made in the image of your Creator.  He is creative.  You have His genes.  You shine with unique creativity in your own right.

In every pimp and con artist, there’s the potential of being a great man of God.  Every prostitute and cocaine addict are potential awesome women of the Most High.  Every lazy couch potato has the potential of a successful motivational mentor.  It’s a matter of deciding, is my past my facts or my truth?   Your future is not in front of you.  It’s inside of you!  DECIDE IT WITH GOD!


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Jesus and Me (Before You Pray…2)

What is prayer…really?  Actually, it’s many things.  One of the most important descriptions I’ve discovered is that it’s “Jesus and Me.”  It’s the nurturing of a personal relationship with Him.  In fact, to me, that is the form of prayer that is first and foremost in my life.

With many people, prayer is primarily saying, “Thankyou” for food at meals.  It is also an opportunity to ask God to answer a requested need.  But, prayer is so much more. As a matter of fact, one of it’s primary purposes is to nurture personal relationship with Jesus.

Personal relationship with spouses, family, and friends includes the ability to simply sit quietly in each other’s presence without having to say much if anything at all.  My wife and I enjoy being in the same room together, sometimes each reading, other times watching a favorite T.V. program.  Being together and sensing each other’s presence has deep value in the nurturing of love and companionship.

That may sound a bit strange as it relates to prayer and spiritual nourishment.  However, it is of more practical help than many imagine.  Just learning to be quiet and confident together.  Most of us give too little acknowledgment of the “little things” that add together to make our relationship with the Lord powerful.

In my next post I want to ask the very important question, “Soaking Without The Word?”  There is no true powerful prayer in it’s fullness without the Scriptures as illumination and final authority.

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Awesome Cemetery Treasure

There’s awesome treasure buried in the soil of our city’s cemeteries.  The fortune I speak of is all of the unfulfilled potential lying beneath each tombstone.  The riches of many men and women’s – boy’s and girl’s – lost possibilities would stagger the imagination.  More specifically consider these – just to name a few:

  • Authors of books that were never written and read
  • Powerful songs that were never composed and sung
  • Great businesses that were never launched
  • Inspired ministries that were never started
  • Great women who died as prostitutes
  • Awesome men who died as drug addicts
  • Multitudes of other potentials

We need to be aware of the thief.  He masquerades in all kinds of forms and thoughts.  His plan is to stop the great potential God has placed in all of us to fulfill the “good works” DNA God has deposited within us. Be encouraged.  Pursue God.  Dream.  Act.  Be Confident to press forward.

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Where Is Your God???

Where is God?  Why has He left me out in the cold?  There seems to be a promise of better things, but it’s always ahead of me out of reach.

Haven’t we all thought those things?

Here’s the good news.  No, not good news.  Great news!  You see King David was thinking the same thing in Psalm 42:3

He goes on to say twice in that Psalm alone: “Hope In God.” You see, King David had a multitude of experiences where the natural circumstances looked like God had gone on vacation.  The hope was  in the inviting “yellow house” of promises always ahead and just out of reach.  One of those times He said, “I encouraged myself in the Lord my God.”  In fact, search the word, “encourage” in your your bible (or let the great internet tool “Crosswalk.com” help you with that).  You’ll discover renewed courage from just reading some of those verses, yourself.

There are no words of encouragement like God’s Word to help pick up your soul and refresh your courage, today.

You may find hope in other places, but it’s the words of scripture that are your final authority and your lasting encouragement, discernment, and strength.  Don’t try to live your life, today, without them!

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