My “Poster Child” Is Jesus

JESUS OVER BIBLEIn a day of social media, the latest “flavor of the month” issue is just a desktop, tablet, or smart phone away.  As of this writing, Kim Davis has become the “poster child” for “Conservative Christians” taking a stand against the government’s intrusion into the issue of same sex marriage.

I don’t know Kim, personally.  I have no beef with her as an individual.  She has – like all of us –  government granted 1st Amendment rights.

My issue, as a pastor, is with her becoming the “Poster Child” for how to “take a stand” for righteous rights.

In this case it’s the issue of same sex marriage and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the issue.  I am fully aware that – technically – Kim Davis was not breaking the law of the Kentucky constitution.  The Supreme Court does not have the right to overturn state law.  I know that.  That’s not my point.

The point – to me – is more foundational than that for those who are witnesses and representatives of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Kim Davis refused to sign registrations for marriage licenses based on the argument of religious conscience.  She stated that she could not put her name to an action that was going to send people to hell.  I can respect that.  No problem.

What I cannot respect is – what I consider – the “double standard” at best or hypocrisy at worst of “her stand.”  You see, her church also believes that divorce is worthy of hell fire.  Now hold on.  I’m not referring to her own multiple divorces.  I understand that she has become a Christian since then.

What I am referring to is the fact that, since then, she also has had to have put her signature to a large number of applications for divorce.

But wait!  Her church (and she) believes that divorce – like same sex marriage – is a deep sin worthy of separation from God.  So…

Why is she “taking a stand” on same sex marriage and not divorce?  This is only my opinion, but it feels to me a lot like she knows she would get good traction out of making same sex marriage and issue, but not so much with divorce.  The thing is, divorce used to be a hot topic (flavor of the month) for the conservative church to be against.  Now, not so much.

We need to put far more emphasis on what Jesus is for rather than what He is against.  Let’s make Jesus our “Poster Child.”

“Looking Unto Jesus, The Author and Finisher of Our Faith”  (Hebrews 12:2)

It is very interesting to note that the original language on this verse emphasizes “looking away from one thing to fix your gaze on another.”

But, you say, “Isn’t that hiding your head in the sand?  That’s our problem, you continue.  Supposed Christians are always just hiding their heads in the sand!! That’s why we are in the mess we’re in!!”

I’d like to suggest

That isn’t the root cause for the mess we’re in.  May I suggest that the root problems is that instead of fixing our eyes on Jesus, we keep looking away from Him and fixing our eyes on the sins of the culture.  Instead of viewing reality from “top down,” we’re perceiving reality from “bottom up.”

The result is what someone said, “When the church stops listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and starts paying more attention to the evils of society they’ve fallen into the mind trap of the enemy.”  What the church has done is laid down the signs and wonders of God’s Kingdom and picked up the picket signs of earthly protest.

Instead of constantly taking up a defensive position against the cultural, governmental driven systems of our day, instead let’s support and live out the methods of advancing the God’s Government.

Let’s make Jesus our Poster Child of example for advancing the Kingdom of God.