Shhh… Chill…

shhhThe most powerful, penetrating, soul changing experiences I have with God come out of the Shhh of my soul.

The Psalmist calls it “Selah.”

We are all in desperate need of selah with God. 

The chaotic clamor of daily life dulls us to His all powerful still small voice.

I must know the shhh.  You must experience the shhh.  The shhh in our souls.

It is from the Shhh we discover the wisdom, peace, joy, and Presence we cry for.  It’s from the shhh that a word of faith springs up.  A word of faith that changes everything.

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God…”

Praying on the run is not enough.  It happens.  He hears us.  But do we hear Him as we pray on the run?  Not likely.

Day changing prayer is born from the womb of Shhh.

“Be shhh and know that I am God…”

Find the shhh of God…the shhh of soul as a habitual daily practice.  In so doing I practice the following:

  1. Before I read or pray a word, I shhh myself.  I chill.  I let let my “insides” (body, and soul) sink into a relaxed shhh.
  2. When I sense an inner settledness that is welcoming God’s presence, I begin to very slowly read letting individual words rise out of the shhh.
  3. I let my thoughts settle on ideas that arise from the “special words” that are attracting my attention.
  4. I talk to God about what I’m feeling.
  5. Every little bit, I just shhh again.

What is the result?

My soul embraces that He and not the things that cause fear, frustration, and chaos are not God.  He is God. 

And since He is God, I can just shhhhhhhhhhhhh and trust that I will have whatever I need when I actually need it.

Have you experienced the shhh of God?  How do you practice it as a habit of the faith life?  Feedback in the comments.