How To Know God’s Love For Yourself

In the twilight of waking this morning, this thought settled upon me, “Pursuing God is to pursue loving God first.  All the rest will follow.”

As I began to roll that thought over in my mind, several things occurred to me:


I Corinthians 14:1 instructs us, “Pursue love…”  More often than not, we assume those words are telling us to make our highest goal to love the people around us.  However, the greatest commandment includes loving one’s neighbor, but it is initiated by loving God with our whole being.

I began to realize that loving my neighbor was a resulting fruit of my love pursuit of God.  Btw…this is a supernatural pursuit.  Therefore, it takes supernatural help.  That’s the job of Holy Spirit.  Always ask for His help.  When we make our highest aim the pursuit of loving God, the “eyes” (perceptions) of our heart begins to love how He loves.


When I pursue God, a supernatural rest begins to envelop my soul; my thoughts, my emotions, my innermost parts. Supernatural peace begins to overshadow me.


When I (we) pursue loving God, the knowledge of His deep love for us chases us down; no attempting to convince yourself that God loves you.


I begin to experience what I thought I knew but had never actually “seen.”  Instead of attempting to believe God for (you name the need), You begin to see your challenge as He sees and feels about it.

Pursue loving God, first.  Instead of trying to convince yourself of His will, His love will convince you of His solution.

Let fresh peace begin!


The 3.0 Method of Finding God’s Will

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