No Stop Signs In God’s Kingdom

stopsignReligion is focused on Stop (this) and Stop (that).

Of course I’m not talking about the Bible’s description of “Pure Religion” where love is demonstrated to disadvantaged and helpless.

God’s Kingdom in the “afterlife” doesn’t have stop signs and it doesn’t function with stop signs its earthly expression.

God’s Kingdom in the earth is also not about doing works for the purpose of proving worth.

But Here Is What I’m Saying

The “stop signs” or “thou shalt nots” had one purpose.  To show anyone who attempted to stop, that they couldn’t.  Paul says it in Romans 7.

(Take a look at Romans 7 if you don’t believe me.)

The reason that those under the law could make contact with God at all was because of the sacrificial system.  Not because they could keep the laws.

God’s Kingdom Has Literally Come

Yes, there is a place we know as the Kingdom of Heaven that will be the destination for Followers of Christ once they physically die.  However, God’s Kingdom has also already come by Jesus’ own testimony about Himself.  And, the potential of it coming/manifesting is in our purpose while in the earth.

For those who keep asking about their purpose, it’s about your unique qualities of being “portals” for the manifestation of God’s Kingdom in the earth since Jesus is no longer physically in the earth, but His ambassadors are.

Quick Question

I don’t want to get off track, but this is about the whole “portals” thing.  There are people who believe there are places where both heaven and hell have portals of “easier” access to their realms.


Where ever you or I go, as His kids, is where there’s a “portal” of access.  It’s whether you believe it or not.  That’s the only open or closed door.  The legal transaction has already been made.

Back To The Topic

If there is not need for “stop signs” in heaven, there is no need for them in God’s Kingdom in the earth.  So….stop looking for and focusing on them.

The perfect law of liberty and love is the managing force of God’s Kingdom.  Seek that above all else.  Focus on enjoying and giving the love and life that is already yours.  There’s no feeling like it.  There’s no power like it.



Ending The Old vs. New Conflict

bible460Conflict is often the womb of confusion.  It certainly has been the case in the contest of the law vs. grace battle.

However, it has been my observation and conclusion that most of those with “drawn swords” defending their positions are people of the same desire, “To rightly honor God and His Word.”

There is – what I would call – a pharisaic heart in some.  Those are so invested in their “right to be right” they’ve developed a “wrong heart.”  But, the scriptures reveal that even some of the pharisees became followers of Jesus.  Why?  Because His love saw their deepest needs and conquered their hearts.

All Is Inspired And Can Be Inspiring

Paul said, “All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable…” (2 Timothy 3:16).

God’s Words contain God’s heart, motivation, and purpose.  The Word (John 1:1 – Jesus) clothed that heart with skin.

The stories and instructions found in the pages of what is called, “The Old Testament” were never intended – in my opinion – to be formulas of lifeless structure containing punitive measures (although a disregard of same brings it’s own personal punishments).

The heart of the stories and instructions were intended to reveal the path of abundant pleasure and satisfaction in God and His Kingdom Life.

Grace Doesn’t Legalize Self Gratification

When it all boils down to it, what is termed as sin is basically “self gratification.”  The kindling wood is found in impatience with God.

The grace of God never returns selfishness, hate, greed, touchiness, etc to the throne of one’s life.  Sin stinks and trying to cover it with a brand of faux grace is like dowsing oneself with cheap perfume without taking a shower.

Grace invites us to the table, regardless. (read about it here)

The grace that invites us to the table is the grace that flips our old motivations on their heads.  The old way of acting was to protect one’s position with God and others.  The new way of acting is to demonstrate love’s honor for God and each other.

Practical Illustrations

  1. I see dirty dishes on the counter.  I think, “I better put those in the dishwasher.  If I don’t, my wife will be mad at me (which interpreted means, life is going to be a bummer for me)
  2. I see dirty dishes on the counter.  I think, “I’m going to put those in the dishwasher because I love my wife and I want to help make her life easier”

The Fellowship of Grace Involves Dirty Dishes

The question is whether one is motivated by the pharisaic structure of the old or the spirit of the old that is found in the new.

In other words, God’s heart is found in the stories and instructions in the section of our Bibles called The Old Testament.  If what you “feel” from these stories and instructions is harsh, angry, cruel, and vindictive, then you have not, yet, put on your Jesus reading glasses.  It’s those glasses that work like x-ray vision so that you can see the real beating heart of the matter. 

The old testament is profitable and super healthy.  It should never be disregarded.  Jesus fulfilled it.  Not for us to disregard it, but to see it with fresh eyes.

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