Still A Sinner (Really?)

I recently was in a conversation with a man who’d been a Believer for a very long time.  He said this to me,  “Sometimes God will let us know when we’re going to die, but most of the time He doesn’t.  If we knew we were going to die tomorrow, we’d really sin in the meantime.  That’s why He won’t usually tell us.”

I responded, “Not me.  Not because I’m holier than thou but because it’s not in my new nature to do so.  And, it’s not in yours either.”

He hesitated and said, “Explain.”

I answered him, “Because I am a new creation in Christ by new nature.  I am not an old sinner saved by grace…but still an old sinner.”

I continued, “If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I’d be doing my best to set things, which I could, in order.  With that, I’d be praising God, loving Him, and anticipating, joyfully, what was coming.”

I admitted, “Yes, I still fall short.  I sin.  But, not because I’m a sinner by nature.  I commit sinful acts out of habit to the flesh that is still at war with my new man.  If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I definitely would not spend my last hours on this earth trying to make up for ‘sinful, lost time.’

The statement my friend made revealed what a great many Christians believe.  They are very sin focused.  The religious church leadership has taught them to see themselves that way.  Supposedly that’s being humble.

However, it is not Christian humility to degrade yourself and the efficacy of the Cross of Jesus.

True Christian humility bows in deep reverence and awe at the wonders of God and what He has accomplished through Christ.

True Christian humility bows in love and honor and the wonders of the new birth that was granted by grace.

True Christian humility recognized sonship and partnership which isn’t deserved but freely given.

True Christian humility sees with the eyes of the new man and doesn’t allow the voice of the flesh to degrade and belittle oneself.

The temptations of the flesh are just that.  Temptations…not your nature.

We give in, by learned habit, to self-supply or own desires.  We fall short, in many different practical ways.  But focusing on one’s failures to walk, only adds strength to the lie…that you are a sinner by nature.

The hope to overcome the sins of the flesh (not your nature) is to focus on the fact that you are, by nature, a born anew son or daughter of God with the power of the Holy Spirit bubbling on the inside of your heart.

“Open the eyes of my heart Lord…I want to see You, and who you’ve made me, in truth!”

Truth sets us free.  (Jesus said that.}