Obama Birth Certificate – A Distraction? by Gary Ellis

<Be advised…this article is not a political statement>

This article points to a prevalent problem among people.  Distraction.  An attempt to mislead from real core issues.

On the political front, a document has just been released by the White House that supposedly sets to rest the question of President Obama’s citizenship.  Many technical and talented experts declare that the provided birth certificate has been altered and doctored in multiple places.

These experts further state that it’s such an obvious forgery that it causes them to wonder what the real agenda might be….since it will so easily seen through by – even non political – analysts.   What some are saying is that it is a distraction to get everyone fighting for the purpose defocusing from the vital and critical issues of the country that need to be addressed.  It seems to me, personally, that they have a good point.

On a spiritual front, distraction is one of the most effective tools in the devil’s arsenal of weaponry.  He raises scandalous topics that fosters speculation and no end of “in fighting.”

It is so important to spiritual life that we keep it simple (not simplistic) and make the one thing the one thing.

Learn Christ.  Nurture one’s heart relationship with Him.  Practice awareness of His Presence.

Just sayin….