The Results of Spiritual Dehydration

What are you looking at today?  Where is your focus of attention?  What do you “binge watch”? The answer is found in your feelings.

Someone put it this way…

(1)  If you focus on YOURSELF, you will become DEPRESSED.
(2)  If you focus on the WORLD, you will become DISTRESSED.
(3)  If you focus on JESUS, you will be at REST.

Being depressed and distressed is, has always been, and always will be the result of one’s misplaced focus.

It may also be that you just feel “empty” and not truly fulfilled.

If you are a Believer, you have the Holy Spirit’s ever-flowing stream of living water within you.  The thirst of being distressed and depressed is not the kind of life you want, and it’s certainly not God’s will.

The promise of “never thirsting again” (John 4) is to those who drink and keep on drinking of the living water.

Are you dehydrated?  Are you drinking enough water of life to keep you hydrated with peace, confidence, and joy?

It’s not complicated.  It’s merely a shift of attention.  The Holy Spirit is there to meet your need.  Look to Him.  Acknowledge Him.   He will quench your thirst, as you connect to the living water that is already yours for the drinking.






How To Under-Whelm Yourself (4)

You can begin the journey away from being overwhelmed in life (especially at this season).  You must answer this question:

“What are the most important things in my life?”

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Today’s picture is my brother-in-law Bob, his son, Rob, and Rob’s new daughter, Emma.

It’s one of the best visuals of Psalm 145:4, “Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.”

The things that overwhelm us (in a stressful way) are the same things we teach our children to be overwhelmed by…just by their observing us.

One of the most important things in living is the legacy we leave our children.  Do the things that you let (that’s right “let”) overwhelm you teach your children the mighty acts of God?  Do they proclaim His power?

Now, before you get all defensive or depressed about the quality of your parenting skills…take a breath.  Nobody is condemning you for anything.  Instead, take these questions as a reality check and motivation to take the things you are letting (there’s that word letting again) overwhelm you and begin doing something about them.  Make some adjustments.  Begin, now, making the important things the important things.

Then practice those decisions until you start getting good at it. You can’t change past mistakes, but you can alter you and your children’s (or grandchildren’s) future by the decisions you make NOW.

To be continued…

What steps have you discovered brings you peace in the midst of overwhelming circumstances?  Please share them with us by commenting.
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