Effective Prayer for Children and Grandchildren

Our children and grandchildren have a very warm place in our hearts and minds.  Sometimes our thoughts and emotions carry concern.   Let me share with you a prayer, based on the Scriptures, that will help us powerfully pray for them.

As you pray words like these, connect your heart with them.  Feel the prayer.  As you do, you’ll sense a powerful connection with the Lord on their behalf.

The following prayer is based on a combination of Bible facts, and as they are released before the Lord with faith in the power of His Spirit, they become like the Words of God at Creation on behalf of your children and grandchildren.

You can personalize the following prayer with names as you pray these thoughts over them.

Another suggestion is that you speak slowly phrase by phrase and allow the Holy Spirit to quicken other impressions to speak.  These might be considered “Selah” moments that you find in some of the Psalms.


“[My Children & Grandchildren________] are trusting in the LORD and doing good.  They are at rest and safe in their homes, schools, and playgrounds.  They delight in You with tender and flexible hearts that Your Spirit is working within them now as You are filling them with Your desires.  They continually commit their ways to You trusting fully in Your help.  You are making their righteous reward as the light of dawn, and whenever darkness threatens them, You vindication shines like the light of full day.”

Use this prayer as a guide to release over them on a regular basis.  You may want to copy it for future reference.