The Spirit of 2019

The following is a prophetic word that I believe reflects the activity of God’s grace in the coming year.  Although it was specifically spoken to The Sanctuary Church of Davenport, IA, it’s implications are appropriate to all who will receive them:

I believe that Holy Spirit is saying: I’ve have called you with the anointing of Isaiah 61. Be fearless and brave. Be assertive but not aggressive.

Holy Spirit is also indicating that we will be faced with things we do not know, naturally, how to do and be okay with that.  His answer is to make your default in those times “I’m one with grace”

Holy Spirit says that flexibility and adaptability will keep your bough from breaking.  Call for grace and let it’s supernatural anointing oil saturate your hard, inflexible places.

Be okay with my mystery, says the Spirit of Grace, for, in truth, my ways are more hidden from natural understanding than they are as obvious as you wish they were.  My instruction to walk by faith knew all the mystery your journey would encounter.  Embrace rather than curse mystery and you will learn to breath fresh winds of peace and confidence.

This is also a year of Gratitude and Grace

It’s the year of intentional thankfulness of heart and attitude, and not a time for black and white opinions.  The lenses of all of human vision are smudged by the affects of personal and natural world brokeness.

Don’t put too high of expectations on knowing how something should be for others or yourself.  I’m the true realist, says the Lord.  I am the reader of every man’s hearts and motives.  I know each one from beginning to end.  I know their twists and turns, as well as their crooked and straight paths.  I know each one’s thirst and hunger of heart.  I am available by my activated love, through you, to restore each cry.

And Finally, There will be times for the solitude of quietness with me, but special strength is found when you invest yourself in the healthy, loving community that I give you.  You will find great inheritance in the community of spirit that I give you.  Be intentional about not neglecting any and all sources of grace that I give to you. 

Brightness and Joy is my heart for you and for those whom you touch this coming year.

I believe that’s what Holy Spirit is pointing out to us for 2019.

Gary Ellis