Prophetic Word: Week of January 6, 2019

The following is, I believe, a prophetic word of Holy Spirit counsel for the week of January 6, 2019:

The original intention is for my church, The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA.  However, I believe it has a broader application as and if it ‘quickens’ in your own heart!

I saw an Open Hand:  And the Spirit of God said,  “Let them go.  Let go of the people, things, attitudes, opinions, and emotions that are not helping you achieve God’s peace and joy in your life.  Let God have all of those desert places.  In so doing – and to the same extent that your hand opens up and let’s go – you will be able to experience the open hand of God in your life this week.”

Making It Personal:

There will be people, things, opinions, situations that will immediately jump to mind as you read the prophetic word.  Those impressions are God making it personal to you.

Blessings of His Grace Be Yours,

Gary Ellis