What Is “Believing Into” Jesus?

princeofpeace13I’ve asked the question, “What is believing into Jesus.”  A followup question might be, “And, why is that important?”

I believe the God Kind of Cultural Revival depends on it.

At whatever age we were, we began learning things “about” Jesus, and God, and sometimes the Holy Spirit.”  To believe “about” someone or something is the important first step.

For some folks, much later and for others pretty quickly there became a distinction between believing “about” and believing “in/on” Jesus.   I don’t want to split hairs because I realize that there are people that combined “about” and “in/on” more instinctively.  I think I did that.  But, as I began to ponder on the differences, my faith in Jesus was enriched.

A person can believe “about” someone or something and have no real personal connection at all.  About makes no personal demands.  However, believing in/on Jesus becomes personally applied truth.

However, I discovered there’s another way to believe.  This way has begun the real “revival journey” with the Lord (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  It is the forever penetrating revelation of “Believing Into Jesus.”

As I’ve already indicated, “about” is, by nature, more impersonal.  Believing in or on Jesus means that we now believe that Jesus is true to His word and will make His promises personal for me and my life.  I can count “on” Him as my personal Lord and Savior.

Believing “into Jesus” is something like the phrase from the movie Avatar, “into you I see.”  Believing into Jesus takes me to a place in my relationship with Him that I begin seeing through His eyes, hearing through His ears, feeling and knowing with His heart. 

As this begins to happen (by my desire combined with the  revelation of the Holy Spirit) the world begins to take on a different appearance.  It begins to have a different sound.  We begin to have a different kind of heart stirring. 

Believing “into Jesus” causes our hearts to begin shifting  priorities.  We begin to discover that the issues we thought were of utmost importance are in a different order than they had been.

Believing “into Jesus” ushers into us the deepest realms of revival that ultimately transforms a culture.   



Life Is Real – God Is Realer by Gary Ellis

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life…”  (Psalm 138:7)

Life is real but God is realer!

Really bad grammar.  Really excellent theology.

Have you become too “grown up” to enjoy life in the midst of difficulties and disappointments?

There’s something about the way children face life that we adults need to re-embrace. 

“I ain’t worried cuz my dad’s bigger than your dad!”

In Psalm 138:7 we find King David using the coolest word, Chayah.  Phonetically you pronounce it [khaw-yaw’].  Now make sure you start by emphasizing the spitting sound in the back of your throat.  Then punch the last syllable – YAH!  It makes me think of the idea, “Trouble…I spit in your face!”

The NIV translates Chayah, “preserve.”  KJV uses the word, “revive.”  The shades of meaning of chayah:

  • sustain
  • prosper
  • quicken
  • restore
  • refresh

The target ideas:

  • sickness
  • discouragement
  • fainting
  • death

Where ever you are today.  What ever the circumstances that surround you.  See it all like a big honken piece of watermelon.  Take a big bite out of it like life may be real but your daddy is real-er!



What Does Revival Look Like? by Gary Ellis

It’s easy to miss revival in the moment if we’re focused on a future fanfare.  The Jewish nation missed recognizing their God sent Messiah for the same reason.

It seems to me that a great number of sincere Christians are so dissatisfied and disgruntled by the “nasty now and now” that they are looking for a “revival messiah” of spiritual events to do the same thing the Jews were expecting.  Instead of embracing and learning to enjoy Jesus’ promised abundant life (John 10:10), they’re looking for supernatural events to overthrow the “Roman type controls and injustices of life” and elevate God’s sons and daughters back in their rightful place of power.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I believe it’s the plan and purpose of God that there is demonstrations of power in His Kingdom on earth.  But, I also believe if we’re focused on external acts of power, we’ll miss the revival of righteousness, peace, and joy.  If we’re looking for “feats of fanfare” that is yet to come, we’ll miss the Kingdom that is already here.

My journey of personal revival has more to do with a revival of personal core values.  Core values that represent Heaven’s culture on earth.  Core values that are far deeper than mental agreements.  The word believe used to mean the same thing as deep core value.  It has come to mean mental agreement with something.

Revival of core values leads to a revival of culture.  A culture in the state of revival is a people who live their lives motivated by Heaven’s core values.  One can already see revival when they witness the effects righteousness, peace, and joy in others…as well as themselves.  The manifest fruit of the Spirit is another indication of the presence of revival.

The only challenge is the fact that it takes a revival of personal values for a person to see the present effects of revival around them.  Otherwise, a person’s eyes are very myopic and they are mistakenly focused on the wish for future fanfares exploding on the scene.

Jesus didn’t come with fanfare.  He said of Himself that he was the personification of the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, that leads me to believe that what we refer to as revival will also lack fanfare.   Jesus already came.  The Kingdom already came.  Revival is already a present reality in those with eyes to see.  Will it increase.  Of course.  He said there would be no end to the increase of His Kingdom.

It will increase as we recognize it’s already here.  Embrace that.  Nurture that.  Be personally changed by that.



Prophetic Evangelism

Throughout the years, there have been many different effective “tools” for presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The 4 Spiritual Laws, Evangelism Explosion, Romans Road, just to name a few.  One that is proving to be extremely effective world-wide is something known as Prophetic Evangelism.  The current culture of Western Nations is becoming receptive – no, actually hungering – for the spiritual world.  We as Christians have the opportunity of meeting them on their turf – so to speak – with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – except in terminology that isn’t religious sounding.  On July 24th and 25th in Davenport, IA, The Sanctuary Revival Center and Midwest Encounters teamed up to invade the annual Bix Jazz Street Fest.  In two days, we were able to communicate the love of God to nearly 750 people.