YBH – Yes, But How?

unzip headUnzip your brain.  Let it breathe.  You’ll discover stuff that helps you in your journey of living deeply with God and each other.

Accurate information about anything is important.  It helps set a foundation for a dynamic life.  Those bits of data have the potential to help us develop a thriving life with God and others.

However, the information – no matter how accurate/biblical/scriptural it is – has not completed it’s God intended cycle until it becomes out-formation in a way that brings practical, see-able, touch-able, feel-able, attitude-able Jesus like change in people’s lives.  To be very blunt, without that, our belief’s are so much wood, hay, and stubble.  Valueless.  Like a hamster running on a treadmill.  It thinks it’s going somewhere, but it’s just making a disk spin.

YBH – Yes, But How? 

1.  How can I give birth to this truth in my own life in a way that authentically re-presents Jesus in attitude and action in myself, my family, and the community where I have influence?”

2.  Another way to put it would be, “Are my favorite teachings and opinions” producing fruit that others would say is improving their lives?”

3.  Finally the question, “Can my beliefs be understood and acted upon by someone else?”

Because I’m betting you don’t need any more theory from the pages of Scripture, let me finish this article with a YBH’s of letting the Word of God begin working mightily in you.  And…btw…this is something you can teach others to do:

Take passages of scripture that are familiar to you.  Unzip your brain and let the words breath by re-writing them.  My suggestion is that you take one of Paul’s letters, take a verse or two, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you imaginatively re-write them as if Paul was sitting across the table from you.  Imagine that Paul is your best friend.  He knows your life and circumstances inside and out.  And, he is speaking directly to you.  Write down those words.

Remember…truth is only truth if it looks like Jesus in attitude and action.

Try it and let me know what you think.