Higher Taxes & Fresh Chalk

They’re here.  Higher Taxes.  You’ve seen it in your paycheck.  Ouch!  It may be frustrating, fearful, and infuriating.  But, clinging to the eruption of quivering emotions isn’t going to pay your bills.  So, maybe it’s time to do that magical practice, “think another thought.”

What does fresh chalk have to do with it?  Maybe there’s a fresh piece that would serve you better as you’re desiring to add color to your life.

The norm of the world’s system on how things are done in this earth often has us caught in a web of thinking that lacks Kingdom color, vitality, truth, and wisdom.  We’ve “heard the story” for so long that it’s become logical truth in our minds.

However, the wisdom of this world is too often less than fruitful when it comes to the establishment of Kingdom values for living here…on your block…in your house.

“Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done.  On earth as it is in heaven.”

There are many roads we could travel and many piece of colored chalk we could use in applying those words.  Today I’m going to offer you a different piece of chalk (understanding) than you may have considered to this point in time.

As long as anyone alive today has experienced, paper or plastic is the norm of life in order to acquire or pay for anything.  I’m obviously discussing money and not grocery bags.  The paper/plastic choice is relatively new.  In fact that has moved on to other “greener” choices.

In other words, we work jobs to get “cash” to pay for the necessities of life and the things we’ve been told we want or need (by companies whose only interest is in their bottom line and not our well being).  Bottom line: By-in-large cash is king.  Cash is the medium of accepted exchange.

But, that cuts God’s bigger picture out of the picture.  That hand cuffs God to social norm.  Now before I’m branded as a theological neophyte, I know there are situations where it appears that God breaks His own rules and acts independent of man.  But, typically God allows Himself to be restrained by whatever we believe.

So, if we believe that God has determined that we’re in His foreordained dispensation of cash, then we will be limited to that piece of colored chalk.  However, if we believe that cash is not king in God’s economy, then we are ultimately headed for a less stressed, more peaceful and prosperous future.  Especially if we broaden our brain’s horizons regarding the whole issue of Kingdom riches, their methods, purposes, and strategies. 

I personally believe we’ve already entered the time when it has to be “fresh chalk” all around.  I also believe that’s a privilege and not a penalty.  I believe it will result in our thriving rather than surviving.

Examine the scriptures, (cause I’m not going to do it for you) and see the multitude of ways God has illustrated His power to provide in the lives of His people.  That’s the kind of pondering that will begin to infect you with fresh hope.  Cash is not king.  I AM is King.

The bottom line is also this.  God’s design for you has you doing things, being places, and touching people’s lives in a far greater measure than you will ever be able to create the cash to accomplish.    But there’s more…

I believe that the day is coming when economic issues have escalated to the point that we will have to truth in the God of Miracle Provision, because everything costs excessively too much and supplies are depleted and unavailable.  Do you think God will no longer be able to do for His Sons and Daughters what He “wishes He could” … if it just weren’t for the economy!?

I believe “cash will not be king then, and I don’t believe it has to be now. 

One final thought:

For those who believe that the day could come that we have to survive on scraps, let me ask you this question.  What kind of scraps come from a King’s Table?   Just think about it.  It really tickled my fancy when I started thinking about it.

Let’s have a discussion about this.  I think we need to.  Comment.  I’ll respond.