Fun Is Serious Business

Fun is serious!  I mean, really it is!  Seriously! 🙂

So, how about we make 2013 a year of fun!?  I think if we set our minds to it, we really can.  The truth is…psychological studies have determined that if a person takes themselves too seriously, they put a major “hitch in their getup” physically and emotionally.  Unfortunately, the offender also diminishes the quality of life for others around them with their frozen face attitudes of faux maturity.

A person can get more fun out of life if they put more fun into it.  It’s the old GIGO computer principle.  Garbage In -Garbage Out.

Now, I could ramble on and on add-nauseum (okay, not sure how to spell it, but it sounds yukky and I’ve heard people say it.)  Instead of taking the deeply-wise, profoundly-intelligent approach in this article (at least I would think it was), I’m going to leave it with stating the posit (see I know intelligent sounding words).

Posit = Assuming of facts.   The posit is “fun is serious business.”  That being said…we should take it’s application with the same seriousity … serialness…seriousness as other issues we give significant consideration and actions.

To grant yourself permission to take a more fun approach to life, I’ve discovered it’s of utmost importance that we believe that it’s God’s desire for us…and is therefore a part of his design for His kids.  And secondly, you won’t be good at it at first.  We “mature spercial ones” have been the other faux holy way so long, we have to relearn to have good, crazy, freeing, outlandish fun. And we have to practice.

Now, the very way I’ve written this article is that I’ve verbally painted outside the proper lines.  It’s fun.  It makes me smile 🙂

What do you think.  I love to hear your comments….don’t make me feel rejected 🙂