The Technique of Quiet by Gary Ellis

“Everything is so busy, Lord.  How can I get quiet to hear your heart?”

That’s the question I was asking this morning.  I was struggling with a mental mountain of momentum. No worries, especially.  (Well, that’s not totally true.)  There always seem to be natural worries. But not the terror of impending disaster kind.  Just mental activity filled with positive plan making.  The “making a list and checking it twice” kind. <And, sometimes a renegade little fox of fretting>

Thing is…I need – want – “The Voice” of my Master and Friend ever present in all the stuff that makes up my days.  And, I’m aware of the great need for the solace of meditation, musing, pondering, quiet time…whatever each of us may label it.


When the thought and heart desire is to “get quiet” when at the same time the mind has been active since…well, practically before my feet hit the floor out of bed….

In other words, when part of the mental activity is just another thought on top of thoughts which turns into the fretting feeling, “Lord, I need to get quiet.  How do I do that right now!?”

How do I accomplish that?  The quietness of heart and mind that can “hear.”

  1. Recognize that when the desire becomes fretting, it’s become a “law” of sorts.  It’s very much akin to the question, “What right things do I perform in hopes of getting Him to respond to me?”
  2. It’s realizing that stressing at a time like this indicates there’s whispers of accusation in the background that are saying, “You haven’t read enough of your bible. You haven’t prayed in the spirit enough.  You haven’t…haven’t…haven’t…”  Those whispers of condemnation never surface from the voice of Grace.
  3. It’s trashing natural “technique” as a way to garner favor.
  4. It’s settling into the conscious sensing of God’s presence around you.  Not with your head, but simply acknowledging the reality of that regardless of the persistent mental momentum of the moment.
  5. It’s doing what I’m doing right now.  Writing about it, my heart, my desires.  Affirming His love in words typed from my heart through my finger tips onto the monitor in front of me.

So, maybe quietness of mind is sort of a technique…but not.  When the thoughts of need for His presence are accompanied by a sense of guilt or displeasure…know that even the heart of meditation and communication with the Lord is FROM Grace…not For Grace!

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