Discovering Joy

Just like ‘Batteries Included,’ Joy is included in your non-tangible DNA as God’s child. This brief article may be God’s voice speaking to you.

How do I know that Joy is included?

Joy is part of you because joy is one of the descriptions of the Holy Spirit that is mixed with your spirit (intangible you). It’s like coffee and cream blend together whether you feel (taste) it at the moment or not.

How can I feel (taste) it?

One of the ways you can begin to taste your inner ‘coffee and cream’ is by asking God for it…in the same way that you would make a request of someone you know loves you, is able to comply, and has your best interest deep in their heart.

Maybe ‘no’ is in my best interest.

Yes, that’s possible. However, I strongly suggest that your ‘best interest’ in God’s mind is not likely a no for His answer.

“For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!” And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to God for his glory.” – 2 Cor. 1:20 NLT.

As a religious culture, we have become so sin conscious that we are continually assuming the worst about ourselves. This kind of negative self-thinking or self-criticism has the walls of our hearts deeply stained with its grime. The cleanser is spending time doing a deep clean of your ‘inner house,’ just like you would your physical house. The cleaning solution is the work of pondering and soaking in the promises we’ve been given.

Self-Talk Soap

Hint: This is an excellent time to talk to yourself. This kind of self-talk of affirmation helps bring mental stability.

Love Light

While you’re giving your temple a deep clean, make sure to open the windows to let in plenty of fresh air and love light. Love light is the habit of responding to yourself and others gently. Truth be told, we are so much in God’s affection – warts and all – that His heart is very affectionate and gentle toward us.

Don’t assume that when God looks at you, he frowns. To feel that is another indication that too much religious ‘sin consciousness’ is rattling around in your soul. If you truly see His face, I believe you’ll see a smile!

Don’t Take My Word For It

Soak in His word. Take His word for it…which is another way of saying, “repent.” As we more consistently ‘take His Word’ as ‘our truth’ we develop a supernaturally powerful habit. That habit will attract the manifestation of the promise like a spiritual magnet.

The Result

“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask, and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” – John 16:24 NIV

The joy that was already a part of you will begin to manifest. You will start to feel it. In fact, that Joy will have a strengthening effect on your mind and body.

“…the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10c.

Go read the whole verse, let it sink in, and you will discover God’s attitude about false grieving.

Discover the joy that is already yours to enjoy!


P.S.  Just now I felt God’s Spirit say to my heart, “I don’t want you to just assume that I will give you whatever I think you need.  This is a relationship.  I want you actively involved in communicating your desires to me.  Be more specific.  I have a lot more grace-gifts of all kinds that I want to give you.”

If these words resonate in your heart, He’s also speaking them to you!

Peace Where Are You?

The following thought, like a butterfly landing on my shoulder, came to me this morning.  I share it with you in the hopes that the words will be life to you as well!

“Be guided in your daily life experience by the energy of peace and joy.  When you feel flat and without the energy of positive motivation, call out for peace and call out for joy as if they were Living Personalities, “Joy where are you?”  “Peace, where are you?”  In so doing you will be ‘releasing an intention’ (an inner decision) that will open the eyes of your heart to “see/perceive” where they are.  You will be drawn to the Presence of Peace, and Joy which is another way of saying that you will be drawn to experience the Person of God Who is, “Himself” Peace & Joy.

In your time of need, call out for what you need.  You will be drawn to “The Answer” (another name for God)  But, instead of calling in desperation, call in anticipation that Joy and Peace will respond and not keep silent.  Peace and Joy love you, and desire more to be found by you than you even desire to find them.  They will respond to your heart by saying, “I’m over here…come to me”

I will be found by you…(Jeremiah 29:14)



Creating Peace…Unless You’re Dead

If you’re dead, there’s no reason to read this blog entry.  But, if you’re still breathing, you’ll want to discover this secret that is too seldom used by too many.

When you find yourself stressed out, hemmed in, or jacked up in some other of a thousand ways, do what God designed you to do…CREATE!

Before you bounce out of this article because you don’t think it will interest or apply to you, WAIT!

Creativity is as creativity does!  Here are a couple of the reasons many people’s eyes glass over when being creative is the subject:

  1. A misunderstanding that the “creative gene” is limited to artistic types like musicians, actors, authors, and the like.  WRONG!
  2. Things playful and enjoyable are for kids.  Once one becomes an adult with serious adult problems, anything but solemn seriousity in approaching life’s significant issue is a waste of time.  WRONG!  <I know seriousity is not a word…but i don’ care :)>

God Fashioned and Breathed His Creative Nature Into Everyone

When God made mankind, He did not reserve the quality of creativity for just a unique group that would become the artsy-fartsy folks.  The only differences among us is how that creative capacity is expressed.

He made some with the desire and ability to fashion with their hands.  Others love to work with numbers.  Still others have an organizational capacity to take a messy environment and creatively turn it into clean and neat.  The examples are as varied as talent and gift capacities.  The “life blood” of one’s unique personal make-up is known as creativity.  It’s the “creative spark” that ignites you and fulfills a practical need.

Play Is Serious Business

Working by the sweat of one’s brow was a part of the curse that came upon mankind as a result of disobedience.   I’m convinced that the pre-redemption “sweat of the brow” mentality is the vampire that’s been sucking the life blood out of God’s intended Abundant Life of God’s Kids.

The Kingdom of God being like children is a metaphor for many, many living qualities, but I believe that “play being serious business” is one of the key points of us being reconciled to Kingdom life and ways.  We are called to enjoy (infuse with joy) any challenge that faces us.  We have the ability, by His Spirit, to rejoice (re-joy ourselves) by drawing on Who He is.  Otherwise, we may be redeemed in doctrine, but still struggling through life with a curse mentality.

What Do I Do When Faced With A Challenge?

I play.  I create.  I plug into my God-given type of creative flow.  It settles me.  It elevates my “aliveness.”  And somehow I can’t explain, the creative flow snags solutions, out of the invisible.  In the playful peace I find a deeper connection to God than I do through a conventional understanding of prayer.   Actually, I think that real prayer and creative flow are deeply intermingled.

It took awhile for me to adjust.  I struggled with feelings that I was wasting time.  But “proof is in the pudding.” (Western idiom…sorry….lots of my readers are from all over the globe). 

Today, I live in more peace.  I enjoy more solutions.  I sense a more profound connection to to God and the life He has given me to live.

Do you resonate with this perspective?  How do you think you might approach your life with more of your creativity?  Please comment.

I get a “charge” out of visualizing quotes.  Here are some recent examples that helped settle me.  Nothing artistically profound.  Just simple Keynote projects on my Mac.



Live In Christ.001Don't Water Your Weeds.001






I Just Want To Be Happy by Gary Ellis

Like sugar is sweet, we all want to be infected with large doses of happiness, right?

Nothing wrong with that.  Absolutely nothing.  It’s in our genes.

I can hear someone saying, “It’s not about happiness.  It’s about joy.”

Can we say, “COP-OUT!!??”

I don’t really care about the precision of word usage here.  The exactitude of accuracy in breaking words down to tiny fragments of meaning isn’t my purpose in this post.

What I care about is the fact that people have a legitimate desire to experience positive emotions that fills their outlook with some enthusiasm, courage, and hope.

Our natural world is a cesspool of tragedy, graft, and greed.  So was the one that Jesus entered when He was born in flesh into this world.  However, the Bible says He was anointed with joy even above all His brethren.  The scriptures also say that the joy of the Lord is our strength…and…the Kingdom of God (which is near us) is righteousness, peace, and joy.

(I hear someone saying, “Uh-huh…see…joy, not happiness.”>  <SMACK> <—-That’s the sound of me slapping you out of your argumentative religious bad self)
This isn’t a theological treatise here.  It’s an attempt at practical wisdom.  So, thanks for listening for the point instead of what sounds spiritual or not. 🙂

Reality Check:  Learning to feel happiness is not as much about being thankful that you got what you wanted, but being grateful when you get what you DON’T think you want.  It’s about making choices.  Lot’s of them.  Especially while a habit is being formed.  It’s about turning your back on judgment and embracing gratitude.

It will not be easy at first.  It will take practice.  But it’s more than worth it.  It’s an acquired taste.  It’s an established habit.  And, the payoff is HUGE in peace of mind and authentic feelings of happiness/joy whatever you choose to call it.

The Scriptures say, “Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again I say rejoice.”  (Philippians 4:4)  They also say, “In everything give thanks…” (Ephesians 5:20)  As a matter of fact you can hardly turn a page of your Bibles without seeing statements on rejoicing, thankfulness, and praise.

The only safe assumption is that God knows something we don’t know.  He knows how to experience the joy of the Lord that makes us strong.  On the flip side, the devil knows how to drain us of all strength through depression.  It’s important to realize that depression is a direct result of judging something, or someone, including yourself.

A man tells a story of being at a very low point in life.  He finally sat down and wrote God a letter.  He questioned, “Why would you let this happen to me??!!”  He heard these words, “Are you asking me for answers or are you just venting?”

We all do a lot of venting that doesn’t bring any solutions.  God knows the ways of inner life and death. We would do best to start listening.