Prophetic Word: Week of February 3, 2019

There are times when I’m conveying what I believe to be a sense of God’s heart that it comes out in rhyme.  This week’s word is one of those times.  I believe as the Word is meditated, there comes a very personal unfolding of what the Holy Spirit would quicken in individual hearts.  As you read the words, pay attention to how the Spirit may cause thoughts to quicken within you.  The more you consider the words, you will recognize two things:  They agree with the principles of Scripture, and they produce personal and practical ‘aha’ moments for yourself.


I sense the Spirit of the Lord saying, “I call you to know that the yoke of freedom has already been placed upon your shoulders as the crown of royalty has been surely placed upon your head. I invite you to realize; I urge you to recognize that you have already won. I encourage you to identify; I desire that you harmonize with the glory of Christ revealed in The Son.”

“I place a challenge before you. I grant access to fresh water within you. I call you to pay attention to what I say is real, or continue living where the enemy can steal. Drink the fresh water of His grace. It’s your advantage while you’re running the race.”

“I’ve not called you to the wits of your wisdom. I’ve equipped you with the resources of heaven. Let not your weapons lie idle and rust. Take your place as the Snake eats your dust.”

Additional thought:

While I sensed the thoughts above, I was aware that the power of our victories over our daily circumstances, are dependent, in large part, to how we honestly identify ourselves.   There is plenty of ‘evidence’ around us that struggle is the name of our game.  Yet, the Scriptures say that, in Christ, we always start from a victorious finish line.  (The Cross:  “It Is Finished”)

Be Blessed With The Blessing That Is Already Yours By Inheritance!

Gary Ellis

“Call His Bluff” by Gary Ellis

What’s up with all of the “warfare” if I’ve already won?

Good question.  Lot’s of sincere faith motivated Christians ask it.  At least wonder about it.

The truth is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us this golden and powerful truth.  When you come to a battle as you’re in partnership with Christ, you don’t come for victory, you come from victory.  That truth embraced sets an entirely different tone to our attitude, actions, and prayers.

However, the devil’s henchmen will still attempt to challenge you.  They’ll use all manner of lying and deception to “prove” to you that you don’t have victory.  The lies will say, “Just look at your circumstances and feelings!”

So, what do you do?  Like any good poker player…CALL HIS BLUFF.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire you imp from hell!”

There are demonic assignments of opposition set up against us.  The devil and the flesh will continue to attempt resistance to the Word of God and the advance of the Good News.  That means that you’ll experience resistance…at different times, in different ways, on different levels. (I didn’t say you’ll experience true defeat.  I said, “resistance.”)

We are tasked, as Believers, with ENFORCEMENT of His Word.  We are not just conquerors. According to Truth, we are MORE than conquerors through Christ Jesus.  He’s the power source.  Just attach your faith to it and move forward with your feet, hands, mouth, attitude…whatever.

You can do it because He already did it.  And His victory is our victory.

“In the world you WILL have tribulation, but BE OF GOOD CHEER because I have overcome the world.”
Jesus – John 16:33