Which Voice Is It?

Was it God?  Was it the Devil?  Was It Just Me?  Making the decision can be frustrating and may be confusing. However, I’ve discovered a pretty straightforward and quick method to determine who is speaking between the three possibilities.

First – It’s Not Complicated

Know that you can know. Be confident that you were designed, by God, to know the difference. Your ability to discern needs to be practiced in order to become more proficient, but with some simple instruction you’re well on your way to knowing your ‘guidance system.’  What we’re ultimately discussing is ‘how to hear God’s voice, right?

Second – How We Learn

Put your focus on what God’s voice feels like. I personally give very little time to any demonic considerations, i.e.: “Was it the devil?” I am secure in Christ and therefore far more sensitive to His voice than I am the enemy’s voice.

When the FBI trains its agents in the art of discerning counterfeit currency, they spend the vast majority of the training on the real bills…not the counterfeit. The philosophy is this: If you become very familiar with real ‘bills,’ you’ll quickly sense a deviation. The problem with studying the counterfeit is that there is always new fake money being introduced. If the agent’s focus is on possible fake currency, a new counterfeit may slip by.

It is my conviction that the same principle holds true for discerning between God’s voice and the voice of Evil.

I am also secure in my authority in Christ.  The devil knows what I will and will not permit.  He knows his attempts to deceive me is dangerous territory for him to play around in, and is quickly discovered.  Superstition has no place in my thought and belief process.

Third – You vs. God’s Intuitive Voice

Learn how your natural mind (Ego) works. We need our intellectual capacity to help us navigate our daily, material world. However, it is the impressions of our intuition that give us higher wisdom from God. Intuition is the voice of the heart.

Intuition’s voice (Spirit wisdom) speaks the answer or message, normally, once.  It is ‘self-confident’ in what is being stated. And, it comes with the feelings of the ‘Fruit of the Spirit.’ (Galatians 5). When I am desiring an answer to a question, my heart’s intuition is, most often, the first response.

The voice of the natural mind is usually the second response, and third, and fourth, and fifth, etc. The process of natural thinking is repetitive. It will often attempt to give logical sounding answers to your question.  On the one hand, it’s true.  The wisdom that our brain has stored up may be valid, reasonable, and helpful.  However, when we are desiring heart level communication, we need the voice of our spirit’s intuition to be the answer.

The Simple Explanation

Your natural voice will present itself as the repetitive voice of logic and ‘being reasonable.’ It will repeat itself. It craves sounding rational. If the intuitive impression is something to which you can’t logically explain ‘why,’ your natural voice will probably try to talk you out of your impression. It will also begin thoughts that suggest other possible answers. It hates mystery. Your natural mind is constantly striving to ‘close the loops’ and explain the reasons and logic for everything.

To hear the voice of God (which is His desire as a way of life), one has to become comfortable with not having to explain itself. It’s not that God’s ways are illogical. They just operate on a different wavelength of logic and understanding. God’s reasoning can be similar but is not limited to our natural definitions of rationality. It’s not that we must check our brains at the door to know God, but it includes recognizing the mind of Christ as a superior form of truth.

In Conclusion

1. Be free from being worried about being deceived by the devil.
2. God’s voice feels like the Fruit of the Spirit
3. The voice of your heart/intuition speaks first. The response is one answer, and the thought is steady sounding.
4. The voice of your natural mind is not so assured. It follows the first response with other logical sounding possibilities leading to confusion and lack of confidence.

Being led by the Spirit may include truth your natural mind already has ‘in storage,’ (memory), but life is very complex and wisdom for the moment does not come as ‘one size fits all.’ If anything about the world we live in is true, this is sure: Flourishing requires flexibility to respond on a dime. Otherwise, we are in danger of living a life of mediocrity.

Our goal is to re-present the life of Jesus in the earth, as His brothers and sisters, bringing heaven to the ‘earth’ we influence. Walking in the intuition of our hearts. Living with intuitive sensitivity to His Kingdom Spirit’s influence is our privilege and potential.