Taking Control That Brings Best

ControlWe want our lives to be good, happy, full, and satisfying. 

We attempt to put many “gears” in place that will produce our ultimate desires.  We try to figure out what the “drive gear” will be.  We put that gear in place and – once again – we.miss.the.mark.

His Living Nature

The goodness, happiness, fullness, and satisfying-ness that we so desire – if truth be told – is sum and substance of what is already near.  What we crave is the dominion of God’s Kingdom; Because the qualities of life that we desire are the “personality” of His Living Nature – His Kingdom.

The “Drive Gear” can only be His Kingdom — His Nature.

Seek to Experience Him and His Life

When we (seek first) diligently pursue as our highest priority God’s Kingdom, we are determining to know and experience the qualities of His Life.

He Gave Us the Right and Potential Power

When God created mankind, He fashioned them to look and be like Him.  He then said “take dominion.”  Of course, when God gave man that instruction, there was no sin present.  Therefore taking dominion wasn’t self-serving domination.

Dominion:  The Rights and Powers of Love

When God told man to take dominion, He was instructing Him to exercise the nature of Himself that He had woven into man’s fabric.

God was saying, “Walk like Me in the home that I have given you.”

He was NOT SAYING, “Pretend to be Me.”  There is only One God and Father.  Instead, He was telling man that He had freely created him with God-like authority and power.  And He was saying, “Use it.”

Refreshed Way of Thinking

On this whole issue, we really need a transformed way of Being that comes from a renewed way of thinking.

We’ve spend sooo long drawing our existence from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that we have forgotten how to be alive.

Jesus Returned Our Lost Rights and Power

Jesus has given mankind the right and authority to be sons and daughters of the Kingdom with FULL ACCESS to the Tree of Life.

Many of us have exercised that right to live by the Tree of Life.  However, we have such ingrained habits of looking to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Right and Wrong) while we are, at the same time, basking in the shade of the Tree of Life, that we still do not effectively know the rights and powers of the Tree of Life.

May I suggest that a synonym for The Tree of Life is The Kingdom of God.

Let’s put our highest priority on seeking and having eyes to see the Governance of His Life.

It’s my goal.  I hope you will make it yours.