“That’s So Not Me” by Gary Ellis

Although it’s wisdom to discover who you are, what motivates you, and how you’re uniquely gifted…many (including you) have been surprised to uncover things about themselves they didn’t realize.  “Things” they discovered are actually “really them.”

I’ve been reading the blog adventures of one of my friends, Karen Swank, whose been finding out some things about herself that is actually more who she really is that she thought she was.  She’s realizing she is enjoying doing things she swore she’d never like doing….because….those things (she thought) were “so not her.”

Karen used to live in a little town south of the Quad Cities.  She’s now staff person at a JPA (Jesus People America) house in Chicago, living with and doing practical ministry among the marginalized of society.

As I was reading one of Karen’s recent blog entries explaining this very issue about herself, I began pondering it’s application to me and so many others that may have trapped themselves behind an incorrect judgment about themselves.

In Karen’s case (and probably more often than not with anyone) her circumstances put her in an environment where she had few options but to be involved in things that she originally thought “weren’t her.”

My question for you and me is this:

Do we receive special measures of grace that actually change us…or…does the grace reveal how God actually made us, and uncover who we are?  And…has the “toxic waste” of our flesh been lying to us all along keeping us blinded to the God designed persons we actually are?

Perhaps there’s buried treasure “in them thar’ hills” of our God designed souls.  Treasures full of pleasures!

What have you experienced?  Please share with us in the comments.

Karen’s closing comments in that day’s blog was this:

“It is a delicious thing at 45 to continue discovering day by day that God is nowhere near finished growing me, changing me, and showing me who I really am.  I can’t wait to see what else He’s got in store.”


  • Jim Connell

    What a inspiring message, to keep looking and listening.

    • Gary

      Thanks, Jim. I’m glad it was a blessing to you.