The Authentic Powerful Person by Gary Ellis (1)

What I will begin writing in this series of posts on The Authentic Powerful Person is not theory.  It’s “game changing” reality I am personally experiencing.

1 Corinthians 6:17, “Do you not know that he who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him.”

By being a person, you are spirit at your core.  Your body gives you mobility in this earth.  Your soul gives you expression.

The fact that made Jesus real was that He was spirit, not that he had an earthly body.  The fact that makes you or I real is that we are God created spirits.  Our bodies are wonderfully made.  In an of themselves, they are not nothing. But our bodies are not what makes us real (authentic).

Jesus’ body and our bodies are very important.  We need to take care of them.  But that’s for another discussion.

Paul makes the very compelling declaration that when me (spirit) and Christ (spirit) are united or joined as one we are one spirit with Him.

The “Great I AM” and the “me i am” joined as one = The Authentic Powerful Person

That was a game changer for me because it revised and refined the way I looked (and look) at life.  It opened a wider door of rest, joy, peace, and power.

I discovered in a fresh new way that the promised abundant life that Christ proclaimed as His purpose (John 10:10) was quite different than I’d assumed.  My assumption had been that Jesus came to forgive me (which He did)…and help me with the best advice on how to follow His ways and act like a mature Christian.  As a result I would experience tastes of abundant life….when….I turned my back on enough sinful stuff and “did it right.”

On the contrary, I realized – through His revelation, not my smartness – that He didn’t come then (or now) to help me do anything.  He came to do it as one with me. He is the initiating source (sounds like the vine, branch thing of John 15 doesn’t it).

I mean…really…let’s get “for realz.”  If you had the chance to get some kind of super injection that would make you one with someone who’d already been there, done that, and won the trophy…wouldn’t you jump at the chance?  At any price?

Well, that’s what I’m sayin’.   Thing is….the price is already paid.

What’s “the rest of my responsibility?”

Recognize my oneness with Him and respond to those stirrings within.

How do I recognize those stirrings?

As I used to say in my former radio career:  “Stay Tuned!”

To be continued…