The Authentic Powerful Person by Gary Ellis (2)

This is the second in a series of posts on The Authentic Powerful Person.  It may be helpful to scroll down to pick up this topic from the beginning.

Reality Check: Most of my readers may already feel they belief the statements and scriptures cited.  They would also be the first to “amen” and “praise the Lord” the realities.  However, some may have to admit that – for them – there’s been a disconnect between academic truth and practical daily enjoyment of Jesus’ many faceted abundant life (John 10:10).  The gap between promise and practice is normally given two explanations:

  1. Jesus is speaking of a future heavenly reality.
  2. I have it now; but it’s by faith.

Both of these basic belief’s are not inaccurate.  In fact they are rock solid true.  They are simply incomplete.

  1. Jesus did die for our sins that we could experience unending abundant life in heavenly places!
  2. <spoiler alert:  you may become offended at this one.> It does take faith to receive His purpose in the now, but if true faith is involved…ultimately experience is a part of the equation while one is walking and breathing on planet earth!

Therefore, it’s my hope – through these simple posts – to help close the gap in the disconnect between promise and practice.  Doing so, I’m dipping into my own personal testimony rather than rehashing old “oughta-woulda-coulda-shouldas.”

One More Reality Check:  The experiences herewith stated are also incomplete.  You can realize and relish much more than I’m experiencing. Just know this “I’m on your six.”


If my own discovery of Christ being one with me to live His life in, through, and as me (instead of simply helping me) is truth, then what do I do?  What’s my responsibility?

Putting it simply (as Bill Johnson put’s it) “lean into it.”  Another term might be, “follow the hunch” – or – pay attention to your gut responses.   We all realize that there are internal responses (gut reactions) that are good and others that definitely are not.  How do I know the difference:

  1. Does the gut hunch correspond to the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22)?   If so, the source is The Vine (John 15).
  2. Are you “reacting” or “responding?”  There’s a telltale difference.

Our soul (which is neutral…but that’s for another post) either responds to Christ or reacts from flesh.  In the process, the most dominant has set up inner  castles.  Over time the soul has developed habit patterns.  Too much of the time, I was very well experienced at reacting from flesh dominated overgrowth in the garden of my heart.

<I know.  I switched metaphors; but I think the point is there>

What I had to do was take my soul off of autopilot and train it to respond to The Life (Christ) within me, instead of react to the weeds of fleshly stimuli.

My soul is still in training…probably always will be…but it’s getting more and more used to responding quickly to Christ within for direction. I consciously and purposely recognize multiple times throughout the day that it’s the Person of Christ in me, through me, as me.  I purposely face life as a “Whole Person.” The Great “I AM” united with the “me i am.”

I am so much more at rest.  And, I’ve found “my actions” much more powerful and inspired in their results.

(to be continued…)

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