The Authentic Powerful Person by Gary Ellis (4)

I woke up this morning with the song, “Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know,” on my mind.  Here is the song I’m referring to. Afterword I would like to share what’s on my heart regarding this song and the 4th in the series, “The Authentic Powerful Person.”

It may be that this version of the song is so meaningful to me because it’s music that came out of my generation.  But it’s the content of the words that are increasingly precious to me. Here’s why…

In a nutshell, it’s because He (Jesus) is The Authentic Powerful Person. And it’s because my understanding of that is becoming increasingly clear.

It used to be that I would give logical ascent to the truths of that song.  At the same time – if I am being totally honest – there was a kind of “disconnect” with my statement of those words, and how my emotions registered with them.

In fact…if many true Christians (I don’t mean faux Christians, but the real-deal born again ones) would admit it, they experience the same “disconnect” during much of their worship services.  Somebody said that Christians often lie more while they are singing their songs than at any other time.  I honestly don’t think they mean to do so…I certainly didn’t…but I feel that, in most cases, it’s because there isn’t a heart revelation of what the words signify.  And in that case they are ‘I-want-it-to-be so’ -or- ‘It-ought-to-be-so’ -or- ‘I’m-singing-the-truth-by-faith’ songs. <That has too often been the case with me, anyway>

[As a further side note:  We have too often disconnected faith and emotion.  There’s truth in the fact that faith is not based on feeling…but, it’s incomplete truth.  True faith knows with the heart and therefore does bring feelings as a by-product…but I didn’t realize that until what I’m writing about became more real to me]

Jesus said to his disciples in John 14:11-21 that He was going away but that another Comforter was coming to abide with them forever.  He also said in that same declaration…”you shall know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you..”

In my opinion, people get confused on this Holy Spirit – Jesus “swap.”   We can’t get the logic of our heads around it.  We reason, “If Jesus leaves and sends the Comforter [Holy Spirit] then it’s no longer Jesus we are concerned with.  It’s now The Holy Spirit that is with us and Jesus is in heaven.  That’s the great mystery.  At least part of it.  How that works?

Here’s what I believe it means:

Jesus had to go away because He couldn’t physically indwell all of his disciples.  In leaving, He came back (as it were) by the agency of Holy Spirit.  However, part of the mystery is the fact that by Holy Spirit work, Jesus the Christ is literally, personally dwelling within and at one now with each of His disciples.

It’s not the historical principles of Jesus through Holy Spirit. It’s the actual person of Jesus by the working of Holy Spirit.

It’s also not Holy Spirit helping us live out the historic character and principles of Jesus. In other words…help us do the best we can to copy the historic example of Jesus as He walked the earth in His Jesus body. Plainly, simply (however much a mystery and even strange as it sounds) It’s Jesus…Himself…by the working of Holy Spirit…in us…through us…as us…with our own unique personalities and talents!

The Great Multiplication of Jesus.

So, that is why Jesus is still the sweetest name I know…the more the fact of Who He is becomes a reality to me.  And, the more who He is IN ME (and YOU) becomes a reality to me.   Colossians 1:27, “…Christ in me the hope of glory” isn’t referring to the Holy Spirit.  There is actually a definite article before the title, Christ.  [The] Christ.   Therefore it’s speaking of a literal Person…not a power or principle…but a Personal Presence.  And, that literal person in Paul’s mind was the one who’d been given the title, Jesus the Christ.  In that statement he was simply referring to Jesus as His Title.

I think it’s important to be clear on this point.  What happened was by the working of Holy Spirit but not as a heavenly swap with Holy Spirit.  In reality, so is Holy Spirit One with you and me and so is Abba Father….just as we are one with Him.

Suffice it to say…I don’t understand it with my sense of logic.  But, I grasp it with my heart.  <our own logic is formed by our cultural surroundings through the years and that’s why we are told not to lean on it>

So…I sing the song.  Jesus is the sweetest name I know…He is literally living personally in me.  I don’t understand exactly how that was able to happen…but I am increasingly enjoying it.