The Authentic Powerful Person by Gary Ellis (5)

Jesus Christ is The Authentic Powerful Person. We have the privilege of being receptive vessels and enjoying the experiences of that Person and Power.

To be an “authentic powerful person” we only embrace our connection to the vine.  When discovering we are one with the vine, we experience the results of the work of the vine.  We respond to Him (the Vine) and His life (the sap that flows through the vine).

The very life (sap) of the vine flows “naturally” into the connected branch and on into the connected grape exciting all the elements that do what they do to expand and mature the grape.  What does the grape do?  Remain attached.  There is nothing else it can do.

Anytime we as “branches” become consumed and concerned with making the grape grow, we inadvertently become the vine.  Problem is…in becoming the vine we detach from the real vine.  The result:  No life (sap).  You simply can’t expect the branch to do anything but what it was designed to do.  Stay attached to the vine so the vine can supply the life, motivation and significance of the branch.

Acts 17:28 says that it’s in Him (Jesus Christ) [The Vine] that we have the vitality of life, motivation, and significance.

Do you want less stress and more peace in your life?  Peace is the natural by-product of Him.  Like the grape is filled with sweet juice, we are filled with peace when we receive it directly from the fine.  The interesting (and very important point) is that the vine’s sap actually becomes the juice of the grape.

When we experience the peace we desire, it’s because we begin soaking up, drawing in, and mingling with the life of His Presence.  We don’t get a piece of peace from Him.  He doesn’t give away pieces of Himself.  He gives away Himself.