The Authentic Powerful Person by Gary Ellis (6)

It’s important to follow the instructions! I don’t know about you, but instead of taking the time to the read instructions and follow the steps of what I’ve read, I often skip the “read the instructions first” part.  After all, I should be able to figure this out on my own.  How hard can it be?   Reading a bunch of words – first – is an unnecessary waste of time…right?

Maybe the truth of the matter is….NOT following the instructions often costs us more time in the long run.  I’ve found that to be true, not only in putting purchases together.  It’s also been reality in carrying out my Christian life.  How about you?

The Apostle Paul said something vital to life to the Romans believers (Romans 6:17).  There’s the instructions:

  1. Consider yourselves dead to sin
  2. Consider yourselves alive to God (in your union with Christ Jesus)

The Great Struggle

If we…

  • perform an act of selfishness
  • begin to burn with anger
  • stiffen up with an offense
  • (you fill in the blank)

When that happens, we question the reality of our actually being dead to sin.  We want to believe it…but we have contrary evidence.

Here’s what’s going on…

We are not considering ourselves dead to sins.  We are listening to the voice of the flesh.  We are making ourselves our own center reference point instead of Christ being the central truth of our lives.  It’s simply another form of the, “What about me question.”

So let’s read and follow the instructions.  Today, I consider myself dead to sin, and alive to God in Christ Jesus.  That’s my final answer.  I will turn a deaf ear the voice of my flesh as it suckers me into believing I’m not dead.  Instead I am focusing on listening to the voice of Christ.  He, by the working of Holy Spirit, is my only true reference point.  The more you practice this truth, the quieter the flesh’s voice becomes.

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