The Bible Could Be Better

The Bible Could Be Better

It’s true.  The Bible could be better than it is.  Pretty radical statement, eh?
Seriously.  I’m not kidding around.

< okay…I knew it.  P.G. has become a flamin, freakin’ liberal! >

Well, reactionary labels are not my thing because they don’t advance a conversation, but…

I know the Bible, itself, can not be improved upon.  But, the way we often read it could result in a much greater, deeper, practical impact on our lives.

When Will It Be Better?

When “…we realize the point of the Bible isn’t to create a belief system ABOUT God. It’s an invaluable inspired spiritual resource for my journey WITH God.”  – from “WIDE OPEN SPACES” -Beyond Paint By Numbers Christianity” by Jim Palmer.

How Do I Do That?

We can begin a fresh journey with God through the pages of His Word by entering and embracing the pages and paragraphs as His Story.

Beware!  Possible Heresy Ahead!

Let me challenge you to read the Bible the same way you would read fiction…all the while KNOWING IT’S NOT FICTION.

< Notice I did not say that the Bible is a book of fiction >

Reading the Bible as God’s Story with man and man’s story with God’s is not the way most people I know read it.  And, frankly, making the adjustment takes a little work.  But, it’s worth it.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t find good doctrine in the Bible’s pages.  But, let the solid foundation for your life develop out of watching the story unfold.  
There are times that I look up the original meanings of words.  I also investigate other “technical” aspects of a passage, but mostly I’m learning to use my imagination and let the words paint a picture for me.

The Bible could be better in your experience….if, like good wine, you let it breathe.

Try it.  Come on.  Try it.  You may come to like it!