The Courage Injector

InjectionDo you need a good injection of courage, today?  I’ve got some great news!  The Injector of Courage is ready and waiting. 

Who is this “Injector of Courage?”

I grew up in a conservative religious environment that believed in the Holy Spirit.  He was the third person of the Trinity.  Beyond that, I didn’t know for sure what His role in my life was to be.

More than anything else, I expected that the Holy Spirit was the Divine Police Chief.  It was His primary purpose to bring my attention to all the places I was breaking the rules in hopes that I would repent and do better at pleasing God.  I wouldn’t have said it that way out loud.  But, there’s often a big difference between what we feel inside and what we say with our lips to sound acceptable…correct…on track with what everyone else says is right.

My understanding of the word conviction would have been in a sentence, “To make one to feel like crap for, once again, for being such a slug…a loser…a disappointment to God.”  Sometimes it wasn’t that graphic.  I would have described it more like the Holy Spirit was pointing out where I was getting it wrong in order to “turn over a new leaf” and do better at not doing it wrong.

I always assumed and anticipated that, in one way or another, the Holy Spirit was the One of the Godhead that let me know (like the line from the old movie), “I know what you did last summer.”

Then I began realizing that the Bible describes the Holy Spirit with many encouraging terms.  They were right. there. all. along. hidden. in. plain. sight.

In John 14:6 Jesus says, “I will ask the Father and He will send you another (Comforter, Counselor, Helper,) [Just like me] and He will be with you forever.” 

(Now go back and read that statement … slowly … at least 3 times}

By implication and definition, any comforter, counselor, or helper that is worth their salt brings encouragement to the table.  To Encourage = To re-courage, Inject with fresh courage.

Acts 9:31 says that the increased in numbers as they lived their lives in the fear of the Lord (deep reverence/worship) and the COMFORT of the Holy Spirit. 

It is the will of God and purpose of the Holy Spirit to inject you with fresh courage, today.  He wants to remind you of the accounts Jesus has already settled.  He wants to call to your mind the truths that fill you with courage to face your day.  He’s your, “You Can Do It” with the strength I bring to the table.  Ask me.  Trust me.  I’m there for you!

Welcome the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit into your life, today.  You have nothing to be afraid of and everything to gain.

BTW…filled with courage, we sin less.  Discouraged we sin more.

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