The Danger of Judging a Book By It’s Cover

Most of us have probably heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  We’ve agreed with it, as an obvious bit of wisdom or as the result of a personal experience.  Yet, we often do it anyway…even though we know better. 

Interestingly, that bit of wisdom cuts both directions.  Sometimes the “book” looks plain, weak, or inferior and yet the reality is that the content is something of great excellence.  Especially if nurtured.  On the flip side, we’ve all experienced those who appear much better than they actually are.  What’s inside is shallow and self consumed even though the “image” gives the perception of greatness.

A few years back, this was exampled on the T.V. show, “Britain’s Got Talent.”  One of the contestant’s that auditioned looked anything but accomplished as a musician and yet Susan Boyle was fabulous and won that year’s contest.  Simon Cowell had, as is typical, offered a bit of sarcasm before Susan sang, and had to swallow his words.

It happened in an ensuing year with a simple cell phone salesman named Paul Potts.  Paul’s outer appearance was anything but complimentary.  Neither were Simon Cowell’s initial assessment.  Paul Potts was more that fabulous, and won that season.  Simon, yet again, ate crow.

This year, Simon made a premature judgment with a muttered comment to a fellow judge.  17 year old Jonathan Antoine and 16 year old Charlotte Jaconelli had just entered the stage.  Simon said, “When you think it couldn’t get any worse.”  

Before we get too critical with Simon, he is just illustrating something that is all too common with all of us…even though we know better at a gut level.

Here’s the video that was posted on You Tube.  Another visible lesson on the danger of prematurely judging a book by it’s cover: