The Eyes That Look In, See Out


What do you look for in others?  Confidence?  Wisdom? Promise?  Potential?  Here’s something that may surprise you…

The same eyes that look in, see out.  The question, “What am I doing wrong?” is something we are tempted to ask when things are not going as hoped.  It’s natural.  It seems logical.  And, if course corrections are needed, then those adjustments need to me made.

However, I rely upon the Holy Spirit to correct me as needed.  His words are true.  They don’t leave the smear of shame or guilt.  His words don’t sap me of hope.  They may not always “feel good” but there is wisdom that comes with His counsel or correction that anticipates a good end when followed.

The microscope of self examination also plays to the “sin consciousness card.”  The devil (and the mind of the flesh) enjoy knocking us down with the awareness of weakness.  Not only are we made aware we are “still sinners,” the imps of accusation  love to “pile on” like a football team after a tackle.  Being your own critic is a no win situation that’s void of any real wisdom.

Left unchecked we then find ourselves hip deep in another kind of misery.  Seeing what is wrong in the people around us.  Somehow we think we have super powers of devil discernment, when actually we are letting the devil lead us around by the nose.  We easily see how others are missing it. We are never satisfied with any group, church, or organization. 

So, maybe repentance from self-criticism is in order.  Perhaps assuming the best about yourself would work wonders in your state of mind.

I can hear it now.  You say, “I just want to be pure and right with God.”  Sounds good.  Sounds logical.  Sounds spiritual.  Problem is…that’s putting off into the future that which is already the case in the present.  Because of Jesus’ Great Echo, “It Is Finished!” you are as right and pure with God as you will ever be. 

Humble yourself and accept that fact!  Come off your purity high horse and embrace the gift you would never be able to afford.  Also accept the fact that we are lousy self critics.

Does this help?  I’d love to hear from you.  The “comment” space is made just for you.


  • Gary, i wonder about the eyes too. I want eyes wide open– i want to be honest and real. And yet, I want God to shield my eyes from the things that harm me. And want him to heal my eyes from the things I’ve seen, those experiences he wants to purge from my life